Tuesday, April 26, 2016

You've Got Mail #26: Play at the Plate

To help kick off the #Supertrader festivities, the co-chair of this wacky little group, Brian from Play at the Plate, broke into a box of UD Ultimate Collection and shared his findings with the group. My stuff from the break showed up in a nice little PWE along with some friends to accompany them on the journey.

My haul from the UD Ultimate Collection break. This is my first experience with that particular brand at it's pretty cool. I'm pretty happy that I got a Homer Bailey RC autograph.

Some 2008 UD Documentary cards. In theory, this is a good idea and I give Upper Deck credit for thinking outside of the box but I can't imagine anyone putting the set together of who knows how many cards. No wonder this was a one and done product.

Brian also threw in a nice assortment of Bengals cards for my Bengals binder. The nice thing about doing this blog is that not only has my Reds collection ballooned to epic proportions, but my Bengals collection has seen a nice sizable bump as well.

Thanks to Brian for the great PWE and for busting the box of Ultimate Collection for the group!

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  1. I hope Homer Bailey can get his career back together. It feels like it has been 10 years since he last pitched.