Saturday, April 23, 2016

You've Got Mail #25: Cards on Cards

Being involved with the #Supertraders group is a wonderful thing as random packages from people I've never traded with before just show up on my doorstep. That was the case with this package from Kerry over at Cards on Cards, he dropped a huge flat rate mailer of Reds on me that amounted to a stack of cards about 3-4 inches tall.

I'll start with these cards from 2014 ... or is it 2013? I think it's 2014 but I can never keep it straight since the 2013 and 2014 cards look nearly identical. I think I've shown the Frazier card before but I'll show it again here as it's definitely one of my favorite cards of his. I like the Cingrani "Future Stars" card and it's from the Opening Day series. My one gripe with that series is that they're the same cards as the flagship set, just with an Opening Day stamp on them.

More Arroyo cards for my growing PC of his. Pretty sure this is the 850th time (ok, I may be exaggerating there) that I've shown that 2014 Heritage card but, wow, do I really like that design!

More Heritage cards! I've been completely unimpressed by 2016 Heritage so I'll be on the lookout for older Heritage cards for now.

Something tells me that Kerry opened a lot of Heritage over the past few years. 2012 Heritage is one of the packs I bought when I first got back into collecting so I've got a soft spot for it. I enjoyed last year's version more than I thought I would.

Hey! There's some Joey Votto cards! He's gotten off to a miserable start this year (then again pretty much every hitter in the Reds line-up has) but I have faith he'll turn in around.

I'm really hoping that Mesoraco has a nice rebound year, perhaps he could be an All-Star again like he was in 2014. I'll have to admit, that All-Star card is pretty awesome.

Robert Stephenson is the top pitching prospect the Reds have and has made a few spots starts so far this year as the Reds have tried to put together a rotation consisting of duct tape and chicken wire right now. In the two starts he's had, he's won both and looked incredibly sharp just the other night against the Rockies.

As much as I love newer cards, nothing makes me happier than getting cards from the 80s and 90s in trade packages. Going backwards in chronological order we've got the mid-90s, followed by 1989/1990 and finally some 1989 Score. I saw a box of 1989 Score stuffed on a 2 for 15 junk wax shelf at the local card shop and I'm half tempted to take them up on that deal.

Here's a few random Reds. Jesse Winker is the top outfield prospect for the Reds and is currently at Triple-A Louisville honing his craft, although at the rate the Reds are hitting and pit of awfulness that has been left field the past few years, I wouldn't be surprised to see him called up sometime in the summer. Hopefully, he'll be able to provide some stability to that spot. Speaking of stability, Hal Morris held that spot down for about 8 years and provided solid hitting and good defense. After he left, then there was a gaping hole there until Joey Votto took over.

Here's a few discs and circular items that were sent over. The Buddy Bell Jiffy Pop disc suddenly makes me want some popcorn.

Finally, there are these First Home Run insert cards. I'm not sure what the white version is but I think these cards are pretty cool and commemorate a nice moment in a players career. It also reminds people of teams that players used to be with, for example, I don't think a lot of people realize that Encarnacion used to be with the Reds.

Thanks Kerry for the awesome cards! You're on my list for returns so I'll get something out to you when I get some more sorting done.

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