Wednesday, April 6, 2016

You've Got Mail #21: Off Hiatus Baseball

I'm so far behind on trade packages it's not even funny. The amount of Super Trader packages that keep arriving, along with a handful of other non-Super Trader packs, have my mailbox waving the white flag of surrender. That being said, I'll be doing my best this month to catch up on said packages and some other things I need to get posted up. I can think of no better way to start off than with a package from everyone's favorite attorney, Tony from Off Hiatus Baseball that arrived sometime in late February ... I think.

These are from the Donruss factory set that Tony broke and sent out to all the Super Traders. The Votto Diamond King card is super nice and the Bench really hides the fact that Panini doesn't have the MLB license. However, my favorites have to be the Billy Hamilton and Tucker Barnhart RCs. Hamilton could be a great lead-off guy but right now he couldn't hit sand if he fell off a camel. Barnhart has proven to be a solid back-up catcher and stepped up big time splitting starting duties with Brayan Pena last year when Mesoraco was out.

I really like the Cooperstown line and the set might be something I chase down eventually, but I have other things I'm focused on first. The Johnny Bench card is from some line called Spectrum and on the back, it states it's for "promotional purposes only". Other bloggers have correctly identified these cards and I can't quite remember what they are called.

Contenders was probably one of the best baseball related things that Panini put out last year and I hope they continue it again this year. These Larkin cards are super nice. I really dig the design and the  fact that these look super expensive, but they are somewhat affordable, especially if you happen to stumble across a blaster.

Of course, no package from Tony would be complete without a slew of oddballs. First, a nice batch of 1990 Pacific Legends cards. Hey, Tony remembered I collect Indians cards as well! Good on you, friend!

Kellogg's cards! Yes! A few Len Barkers, one Toby Harrah, and Andre Thornton. Kellogg's cards are probably the most fun oddballs that you can get. I hope that one day we get cards in cereal boxes again.

Speaking of cards in cereal boxes, here's a Tony Perez Kellogg's Corn Flakes card. While it didn't scan all that great, you'll just have to believe me that it looks better in person.

Here's a good batch of reprints that were thrown in. I know I'll never be able to own the real versions of these cards so these will work just fine. I think my favorite here has to be Bucky Walters in the top left. He's got this devilish grin on his face just as he's about to obliterate the opposition.

THIS! You can never go wrong with vintage and this 1957 Topps Don Mossi was my favorite card of the batch. My vintage collection is lacking in 1950s and 1960s cards and this is a great addition.

Thanks for the great cards Tony! I'm slowly building a Brewers stack to send back your way. Just promise me you won't take any legal action since I'm taking forever to send a return!


  1. Great stuff as usual from Tony, love that Mossi

  2. Adam, you definitely got the benefit of collecting both Indians and Reds for sure. I love being able to send out cards like Don Mossi and his ears to people who truly appreciate them!

    I'm happy you like the cards. And trust me -- it took me 8 months to return one package of cards I got, so you're doing fine!

    1. OH, and unlucky for you that my neighbor's dad from Cleveland came to our house once and talked about seeing Bob Feller pitch as a kid...because that neighbor's dad then got a beautiful signed 8x10 photo of Feller.

  3. Reprints rock! Also, Kelloggs card always make excellent trade package material too.