Monday, July 16, 2018

Surprise Mail from Stealing Home

I got home the other night and much to my surprise, there was a PWE from Stealing Home sitting on the counter. I haven't sent any mail out in quite some time so to get trade mail from another blogger was quite unexpected. Here's what Oscar sent over ...

Here's a couple Joey Votto cards. I'm still not sure the point of the Opening Day cards from Series 1 but the Jackie Robinson Day card is pretty cool.

Here's a Barry Larkin card from this year's Donruss that I didn't know existed. The picture pretty much obscures the fact that the team name and logo has been removed from the uniform. I might give 2018 Donruss another shot if I find some cheap packs.

A few Eric Davis cards. I think I have the 1990 Fleer card but I'm almost positive the 1987 Donruss card is new to me. Also, pardon the lighting in the picture, I wasn't able to use my usual set up when taking these.

And a few random cards to close out this PWE. While the Lee Smith card isn't a Reds card, he's still someone I won't complain about when I get cards of his.

Thanks to Oscar for the surprise PWE. I'll put you on my list for getting a return out.


  1. Solid PWE there...nice Votto inserts. And I like your new blog background!