Tuesday, June 14, 2016

The Yard Sale Find Pt. 3: Some 90s Junk

It's time to close out the yard sale find with the third and final part, the load of 90s stuff that was thrown in. While I wasn't as excited pulling these out of the box while sorting, there is still some love to be had. There's not enough here to warrant dividing up by year as I've done in the previous parts but here's what I dug out to share.

The four cards from 1990 that were included. Barry Larkin and Billy Swift in all their Donruss glory and Topps in their somewhat bland glory. One of the things I always did like about 1990 Donruss was the way the players name was written on the top. On the other hand, 1990 Topps always struck me as bland and uninspired. Tommy Helms was the Reds manager in between when Pete Rose was banned and Lou Pinella was hired. I didn't even think he was the manager long enough to warrant a card but I guess he was. 

Between the red 1990 Donruss and the bright yellow 1991 Fleer, I'm not sure which one is a bigger assault on the eyes. At the very least, they're memorable. Mixed in with a bunch of 91 Fleer commons were these. Five hall of famers and one borderline hall of famer. I can't believe that Blyleven was still pitching in 1991. I think my favorite of this batch has to be the Roberto Alomar card.

The more I see 1991 Topps, the more I tend to like it. It's a really cool design that sometimes gets lost in the midst of the junk wax era. I think this year it's been appreciated lots more thanks to its inclusion in this years Archives set. The design is such a drastic difference from the previous year. The team logos have a neat design and I've found that there are a lot more action photos. All six of these cards are fantastic but that Clemens card is great, as is the Griffey card.

And thus we've reached the end with these cards from 1992 Score. I thought Score's early sets were pretty good but then 1991 and 1992 came along. Not the biggest fan of this design but I really do like the fact that there's a full logo for the team and the fact the picture bleeds into the colorized background giving it a bit of a 3D look. That Albert Belle card is just awesome though. While I never was the biggest fan of his, this has to be one of my favorite cards now

Hope you enjoyed reading about this giant yard sale find. I know I certainly enjoyed sharing it with you. This just goes to show you that with a little patience and a bit of asking around via social media, you never know what you'll find. Since this is out of the way now, I've got a few small trade posts to catch up on and after that, a giant four part epic detailing my card show haul from earlier this month. 

Stay tuned!


  1. I use to be very active in the local yard sales and flea markets, but I just lost interest after striking out for the better part of a year. Hopefully at some point this year I can come out of retirement!

    Thanks for sharing the finds.

  2. It took a while for 1991 Topps to grow on me as well, but now it's among my all-time favorite Topps sets.

  3. 1992 Score is one of the few baseball card sets that I got into as a kid. I really enjoy looking at those cards nowadays.

  4. Score was never my favorite brand, but boy was it affordable.

  5. I liked 1991 Topps when it came out. Then I couldn't stand the site of it. Topps produced so much of that set... it haunted me at ever flea market I walked around. These days... I've accepted the fact that it's one of the most overproduced card sets in the history of our hobby... and have embraced the solid design and beautiful photography.