Thursday, June 30, 2016

Card Show Report Pt. 4: Everything Else

Last part of the card show report!

While most of my focus of the show was baseball cards, I did manage to find some nice non-baseball stuff as well. Hockey stuff was in short supply but there were loads of basketball and football cards. I don't collect much basketball, if any at all, and I'm fairly selective on football cards but there were more than a few good deals to be had.

UFC cards I barely found anywhere, which isn't surprising as not a lot of people are into them. However when I stumbled across this Michael Bisping relic card for five bucks, I couldn't pass it up. Quite the coincidence that Bisping won the Middleweight title beating Luke Rockhold at UFC 199 the same day this card show was held.

Both these football cards came from separate vendors. First the Y.A. Tittle card came from a 50 cent bin. I don't see much of his cards around, then again I'm not really looking for them, but the ones I do see are old and quite expensive. The Walter Payton card has definitely seen better days but I gladly handed over a dollar for it to add it to my football binder.

Two nice hockey singles that came from the same 50 cent bin as the Y.A. Tittle card. Guy LaFleur is on my hockey PC list and Olaf Kolzig (aka Oly the Goalie) is a guy I remember from watching hockey during my middle school and high school years. If you look closely, both of these are serial numbered. Some great additions to the hockey binder

Much like the UFC cards, wrestling cards were definitely in short supply. I grabbed these out of a 50 cent bin. While I'm not a big fan of buying packs of Topps Chrome in packs, I'll grab singles as I find them. Paul Bearer was, and still is, one of my favorite characters ever. I saw a six-hour interview with him once and it was absolutely fascinating as the man had a wild career from starting out in the gulf coast region, to being a prominent manager in WCCW in Dallas, to the WWF managing the Undertaker. Sadly, he passed away in 2013. Speaking of the Undertaker, here's a card of the man who ended his WrestleMania undefeated streak, Brock Lesnar. In a pretty unprecedented move, he's stepping into the UFC octagon at UFC 200 for a one night only return to face Mark Hunt. That should be quite the interesting fight.

There was one vendor there with a box filled with discounted relic cards. While high dollar ones are out of my budget, I'll gladly dig through a discount box to see what I can turn up as there are always some fun things in there. Take for example this shiny card of Bruins goalie Tukka Rask and Mohammed Sanu of the Bengals looking really annoyed. That was my only Bengals purchase of the day. 

Finally, this was one of my favorite finds of the day for five bucks. The last table I visited had a bunch of discounted vintage for a dollar a piece and a huge box full of Starting Lineup figures for $5 each. This was the only hockey one he had and it's just a beauty. I love the colorful Oilers uniforms and the fact it comes with a miniature Stanley Cup trophy. Really just a great piece.

That's it for the card show report. I probably won't make it out to another card show for a while but I'll say this is one of the best hauls I've ever had, and I spent just a shade over $50 bucks for everything shown in all four parts.

Hope everyone enjoyed this. I'm taking a mini break over the July 4th weekend but there's some fun stuff coming up afterwards, so stay close!

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  1. It's not often I come across a SLU I've never seen before. That's a great buy for $5. Love the miniature Stanley Cup.