Thursday, June 2, 2016

You've Got Mail #34: Wes (jaybarkerfan) - Part 2

Continuing on with Part 2 of the epic Super Trader package I received from JBF ...

First there were loads of these TCMA cards celebrating the surprise 1961 NL champion Reds. Some notable names here include Leo Cardenas, Jim Maloney, and Wally Post.

Here's some 2016 Heritage. I really like the Killebrew/Votto Then and Now card. Jay Bruce looks as befuddled as Bryan Price does in the dugout sometime.

There were a number of cool Bengals cards included in the package as well. These were the best I found to share. The Giovani Bernard cards are really cool.

Back to baseball with some Kahn's team issue cards. One day I'll start working on collecting these  and I have enough now to perhaps do a blog post on. I enjoy these as there are obscure names like Brandon Claussen, Luke Hudson, and Jacob Cruz in these sets I'd completely forgotten about.

Retail oddballs are awesome, especially those from chains like Kaybee and Hills that have long since disappeared. The middle two cards of Lee May and Tony Perez are Circle K cards I believe. Every time I see Woolworth's I think of the line in O Brother Where Art Thou where Delmar tries to figure out if they were kicked out of one Woolworth's or all of them.

It can't be a package from Wes without some oldies but goodies. The most notable name on the 1982 Future Stars card is Paul Householder, who is hardly a household name. That 1982 Reds team is currently the only team in Reds history to lose more than 100 games. This year's squad had a good chance to become the second.

A handful of card that I picked out to represent just how much variety was included. The Frank Robinson card is cool as he's in color and everything else in the picture is in black and white.

Some shiny Chrome cards. I'm not too high on the Topps and Bowman chrome stuff, especially since it's double the pack price for half the cards.

These all red parallel cards on the other hand are pretty sweet. I'm not sure if these were a Target exclusive or not but they are tremendous.

And I'll close this out with my first taste of Upper Deck Masterpieces. Johnny Bench and his sideburns, that's all that needs to be said.

A big thanks to Wes for the awesome batch of cards, both hits and non-hits alike. I've got one more Supertrader package to get through and I'll finally be caught up on them.