Wednesday, June 22, 2016

You've Got Mail #38: Reader Edgar

I love getting emails from readers. It's even better when a reader emails me and tells me they have cards that will fit in my collection. That's exactly what reader Edgar did when he emailed me out of the blue proposing a trade. Unfortunately, I didn't have anything that met his want list needs but he wanted to send the cards to a good home anyway. He sent about 30-40 cards from my want list for the 84 Topps set build, mostly commons, but here were a few notable names thrown in as well.

A few Reds cards and a Jeff Burroughs card. Burroughs hung around for 16 seasons in the bigs with the Senators, Rangers, Braves, Mariners, A's, and Blue Jays. One of the things I've really enjoyed while sorting these is looking at the backs and finding myself genuinely amazed by the long careers some of these more lower end players had.

Speaking of long careers, how about a Gene Tenace card of him with the Pirates in his final season. I'm not going to come out and say its a sunset card as I'm not sure if he made the cut in the 1985 set. If it's not, it's darn near close.

These cards I scanned together for no apparent reason. That's a pretty nice all-star card of ol' Louisiana Lightning himself.

Thanks for the help towards completing my set Edgar, these made a pretty decent dent in the want list. Between these and the giant lot in the yard sale the want list, took a substantial hit. Check out the want list page for the remaining cards I need.

Also, there's a Topps Tier 1 Contest going on at Sports Card Collectors blog:
Do yourself a favor and enter. It's not everyday someone cracks a box of Tier 1.

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