Monday, February 22, 2016

Back Packs #2: 1990 Donruss!

While everyone in the #SuperTraders group is showing off the first wave of packages they've gotten in, I felt like opening another one of the old packs I have lying around. This time I'm diving into a pack of the assault on the eyes known as 1990 Donruss. I got this out of one of those repacks I picked up from Walgreens recently. I'm not expecting much but who knows. This pack includes 16 cards and three puzzle pieces.

#260 - Cecil Espy
#254 - Jack Howell

#248 - Kevin Gross
#243 - Dave Henderson

#238 - Jim Eisenreich
#232 - John Farrell

#228 - Ellis Burks
#280 - Mike Boddicker

#277 - Don Slaught
#271 - Jeff Blauser

#265 - David Cone
#259 - Phil Bradley

#253 - Steve Rosenberg
#16 - Lou Whitaker (Diamond Kings)

#242 - Chris Sabo
#231 - Jimmy Key
Puzzle pieces

Unfortunately, this was a pretty much a dud of a pack with the only highlights being Chris Sabo, David Cone, Dave Henderson and a nice Lou Whitaker Diamond Kings card. I've got some fun packs lined up for this series in the coming weeks including some 1993 Topps fat packs. As for the super trader packages, I'm sorting through packages received last week from Wes, Adam, and Brian and will show them off soon!

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