Friday, October 30, 2015

Members Only?

These were another part of the giant yard sale haul from this past spring that I've mentioned before. Apparently the person I bought these from was a charter member of Stadium Club (whatever that means) and got these "members only" cards as a bonus. There's two packs here, one "charter member" pack and one "members only" pack. Judging by the back's of the cards that are set up as fake newspaper headlines (sorry, didn't get a scan of the backs) these appear to have been made in 1991. Let's see what lies within ...

First, the Charter Member pack:

First up we have Ken Griffey Jr (and Sr. making a cameo), Bobby Thigpen, and Dave Stewart

Barry Bonds, Cecil Fielder, and Randy Johnson

An odd assortment of characters ... Andy Hawkins, Doug Drabek, and Kevin Maas.

DeSheilds will definitely be going with my defunct teams binder.

Two Hall of Famers, Sandberg and Fisk, along with Dave Justice, one of the top stars of the 90s.

Another odd assortment of Ellis Burks, Dave Stieb, and Jose Offerman.

Two Nolan Ryan cards. He seems to be in just about everything from the early 90s.

Rickey love Rickey.

A couple horizontals. I really like this George Brett card.

And a good collection to round out the baseball portion of the pack.

But wait, there's more!

A really nice batch of hockey cards thrown in with guys I actually remember from the early 90s!

Oh, and there were these football cards. I'll be honest, I have no need for these except the Warren Moon for the defunct teams collection, so if anyone wants to give them a good home, let me know.

Now, on to the relatively small Member's Only pack:

Two pretty nice horizontals. The Orioles one features everyone who pitched in the combined no-hitter they threw the in the 1990 season.

The gold is coming off the Molitor, other than that, it's the best card of this batch.

A very nice Rickey card. I like the Winfield here too.

Another one for my defunct teams binder. Thompson has a bewildered look on his face don't you think?

Let's end with a quote from one of my favorite comedians, Mitch Hedberg:

"I order the club sandwich all the time, but I'm not even a member, man. I don't know how I get away with it. How'd it start anyway? I like my sandwiches with three pieces of bread. So do I! Well let's form a club then. Alright, but we need more stipulations. Yes we do; instead of cutting the sandwich once, let's cut is again. Yes, four triangles, and we will position them into a circle. In the middle we will dump chips. Or potato salad. Okay, I got a question for ya, how do you feel about frilly toothpicks? I'm for em! Well this club is formed; spread the word on menus nationwide."

Now you know how to join the club! How about a sandwich?

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