Tuesday, October 6, 2015

1993 Team Stadium Club Team Sets

A quick post tonight as it's late and I feel like crap after fighting with my allergies all day.

This was among the interesting things I found while sorting a box full of commons the other day. These appear to be some sort of Stadium Club special issue from 1993 called Team Stadium Club. I'd forgotten about these until I opened the box and saw the box of these sitting there. Then I remembered, I had picked these up as part of a massive haul at a yard sale this past spring. The giant yellow dots are old price tags that were put on these ages ago. You can barely see the price ($3.50) and for the record, I did not pay $3.50 a piece for these packs. I think the whole box of these team sets turned out to be 75 cents total.

I picked out the Marlins and the Rockies to go through. There were other teams included (White Sox and Braves were two of the others) and each team had two packs. Breaking into the plastic, I felt like I was unearthing some national treasure as these things were sealed up tighter than Fort Knox. I had to bust out some scissors to open the blasted things but here's what was inside once I finally broke in.

First, the Marlins ...

A few interesting guys here in Hoffman, Conine, and Everett. Pretty cool that there is a Trevor Hoffman card included. I'd honestly forgotten that he had played for the Marlins. 

Two veterans here in Charlie Hough and Dave Magadan. I was at a Reds game one time as kid with a childhood friend of mine and his dad when Magadan was playing for the Astros. He lined a foul ball right in our direction, we both ducked and my friend's dad barehanded this scorching liner as a keepsake. Unfortunately, I don't have any cool Charlie Hough stories but cards of him are always nice as the dude seemed to pitch forever.

Two more solid players here in Benito Santiago and Walt Weiss.

For the record, here's what the backs of the cards look like ...

Pretty simple but the text with the players name is a tad to cartoonish for me.

On to the Rockies ...

A nice solid triple threat with Bichette, Galarraga, and Castilla. I definitely think the Rockies win here with much more pop in their lineup

Eric squared! I barely remember these two playing for the Rockies.

Girardi I remember as a Rockies player but Brad Ausmus? Had no clue he ever played for Colorado. Guess you learn something new everyday!

I think to close this out, let's do a quick poll .... who had the better roster starting off with, Florida or Colorado? This will be based on the players included in these packs so here's the full rundown:

Colorado Rockies:
David Nied
Quinton McCracken
Charlie Hayes
Byrn Smith
Dante Bichette
Scott Aldred
Alex Cole
Roberto Mejia
Jeff Parrett
Joe Girardi
Andres Galarraga
Daryl Boston
Jerald Clark
Gerald Young
Bruce Ruffin
Rudy Seanez
Darren Holmes
Andy Ashby
Chris Jones
Mark Thompson
Freddie Benavides
Eric Wedge
Vino Castilla
Butch Henry
Jim Tatum
Steve Reed
Eric Young
Danny Sheaffer
Roger Bailey
Brad Ausmus

Florida Marlins:
Nigel Wilson
Bryan Harvey
Bob McClure
Alex Arias
Walt Weiss
Charlie Hough
Scott Chiamparino
Junior Felix
Jack Armstrong
Dave Magadan
Cris Carpenter
Benito Santiago
Jeff Conine
Jerry Don Gleaton
Steve Decker
Ryan Bowen
Ramon Martinez
Bret Barberie
Monty Fariss
Trevor Hoffman
Scott Pose
Mike Myers
Geronimo Berroa
Darrell Whitmore
Chuck Carr
David Weathers
Matt Turner
Jose Martinez
Orestes Destrade
Carl Everett

So, who do you think had the better roster? Leave your thoughts in the comments.


  1. Man, those Marlins cards are so bright and green that my retinas are burning! Bring back the teal.

    1. Indeed. Those were some retina searing uniforms.

  2. I picked up the Rockies set at a flea market a couple years ago. I like the design quite a bit. Oh, and Brad Ausmus actually never did play in a game with the Rockies. He was traded to the Padres in '93 before ever suiting up for Colorado.

    1. So what you're telling me is that its a Brad Ausmus zero-year card? That awesome!

  3. Replies
    1. I have an extra Rockies one if you want it!