Wednesday, October 14, 2015

A Box of 1991-92 NHL Pro Set Series 2

As I mentioned a few days ago, I hit up the flea market last weekend and while I was there, picked up this box of 91-92 NHL Pro Set cards from my regular vintage dealer. I'm not too familiar with this series and after looking it up online, it appears that the top rookies are Dominik Hasek and Niklas Lindstrom. Let's dive in ...

The cards themselves are nothing spectacular but for me it's the thrill of opening a new product I didn't know about until just that morning. Here are a few samples of some base cards. I really like that Curtis Joseph card as he looks very mournful after letting a goal get by.

I did manage to get the two top rookies (and actually two extras of the Hasek). I must say, I was pleasantly surprised when these came out of the packs.

Three other rookie cards of some notable stars of the time ... Doug Weight, Scott Neidermayer, and Pavel Bure. Love the old Canucks uniform on the Bure card.

You can't open a box of hockey cards without pulling cards of these guys. These are part of the "Captains" subset but aside from the "captain" strip above the logo, these are exactly like the base cards.

More captains cards. Check out that old, all red Flames uniform.

Leaders is another subset contained within that showcases the league leaders from the previous seasons in different categories. To this day, I still can't figure out, or remember, what Plus/Minus is.

The best of the rest. I think I like the Messier captain card better than the standard base card. Couple of nice goalie cards here too in Fuhr and Vanbiesbrouck.

For five bucks, this was a pretty fun little break, especially for a product I was not familiar with at all. I got some good rookies, some stars, and some cards that will go towards my side project of collecting cards from defunct teams. I definitely encourage going out to the flea market or card shop and every once in a while and picking up a box of junk wax that you're not familiar with and have some fun breaking it while discovering new cards.

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