Saturday, October 24, 2015

Cincinnati Reds Hall of Fame Coins

I meant to get this up earlier this week but I've was really busy all week and have just now gotten around to having time to write. Anyway, I found these hiding in one of my boxes of commons and I'd completely forgotten I had them.

The Hall of Fame class of 2000 consisted of three Reds ... Sparky Anderson, Tony Perez, and Marty Brennaman, plus Red Sox and White Sox catcher Carlton Fisk. Kroger released these coins to celebrate the induction of Brennaman, Perez, and Anderson and could be purchased at the customer service counter for about $8.99 each (I think). I had these hanging from a shelf in my grandparents basement for years and gathered them up after my grandfather passed away a few years ago and the house had to be sold.

These coins have been in their holders for the last 15 years since I got them in the summer of 2000. While they've got some wear on them, I think they're still in pretty good shape. It's not everyday that you randomly find collectible coins in a box of commons. I need to find someplace to display these.

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