Thursday, December 15, 2016

You've Got Mail #56: Bob Walk the Plank

When I see certain packages or PWEs in my mailbox from certain people, I've come to know what to expect, so when I saw a small bubble mailer from Matt at BWTP I knew exactly what it would be, quality over quantity. 

Tony Cingrani has probably one of the most illegible signatures in all of baseball. I'm pretty sure that my doctor's signature is more legible. Regardless, he proved to be a rather helpful warm body, mostly in the bullpen, in the Springfield tire fire that was Cincinnati pitching last year. The though is for next season that he might be in the mix for the closers role along with Michael Lorenzen and Raisel Iglesias. If not, he'll be a good left-handed set up guy.

Look out, it's a giant floating head! Mesoraco has had two lost seasons in a row with hip and shoulder ailments and I'm really hoping that he can make it through a full season without suffering some sort of injury. In his absence, Tucker Barnhart proved he was more than capable of being an everyday catcher and if Mesoraco continues to show that he's made of glass as a catcher, I'm not sure what the Reds will do. Will they try him in the outfield? At third base? Who knows.

Thanks to Matt for these two great cards, they'll go nicely in my box of good stuff.

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