Thursday, August 13, 2015

Frankensets and Broken Phones

I've finally decided to jump on the frankenset train.

Before I started reading baseball card blogs, I had no idea what a frankenset was, nor had I even heard of one. However, after reading about the Dime Box Frankenset from Nick at the Dime Box blog, my interest was peaked. Then, I saw that Brian over at Highly Subjective and Completely Arbitrary was working on a Twins one and that just set me over the edge. I knew then I had to do one.

What should I do though? I wasn't sure. After much deliberation (well, maybe not that much ... a few minutes at most), it came down to two ideas ... a Reds frankenset and a vintage frankenset (pre-1980 since I'm going to attempt to build the 1980 set). I couldn't decide on which one to do so I just threw my hands up and said "why not do them both!" I've got a decent sized binder of Reds cards that will get me started with the Reds one and about two dozen old vintage cards just hanging out on my bookcase, mingling awkwardly with my relic and autograph cards.

I had some spare time tonight and started organizing my Reds cards. I had them all pulled out of the binder and was sorting them in stacks by numbers (100s, 200s, etc) with my two year old son watching intently and then I heard a loud thud on the floor. I though maybe that my son had dropped his little toy tow truck that he carries with him everywhere. Nope ... it was my phone. I picked it up and looked and the screen broken and cracked so much that it reminded me of what happens when a baseball meets a window. Luckily, the screen still functions and its probably just the glass portion that needs to be replaced. So much for sorting my cards then. 

Since I have a three-day weekend this weekend, I hoping I can make some progress on the frankenset front and share my progress thus far. Gotta find someplace to fix my phone first though, and that's easier said than done.


  1. Replies
    1. Definitely. It'll give me something to work on while I save up some cash to buy more cards.

  2. Looking forward to the frankenset! And here's hoping the phone is an easy fix.

    1. Thanks Nick. I'll probably have an update on the at least one of the frankensets soon. As far as the phone goes, I was lucky enough to find someone who is open on a Saturday and can have it fixed same day.