Monday, August 3, 2015

3 Packs of 1992 Stadium Club Football

Last spring I bought a giant box of some early to mid-90s baseball cards. As I was sorting through them searching for some stuff to keep, I found these, three packs of 1992 Stadium Club football that were still sealed. Football never really has been my thing but I thought it'd be fun to crack these open and share some of the cards that I found in these packs. Hopefully these scans present well. I was using new scanning software and haven't quite mastered it yet.

The three best from the first pack. Of these, Beurlein is really the only one I'm familiar with.

Three Hall of Famers. The Reggie White is a special "Members Choice" card.

Morten Andersen watches a kick and Bill Fralic shows more ferocity here than when he tried to bodyslam Yokozuna on the deck of the USS Intrepid.

Only pulled two Bengals, the above Jim Breech card and a Harold Jones. I think this may have been one of Breech's last cards while he was active.

These and a few select others will join my football binder. I may wind up adding the remaining cards to my growing Commons 4 Kids donation.

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