Sunday, August 23, 2015

1974 Washington Error Cards and a Missing McCovey

One of my collecting goals is to put together the complete set of all the 1974 Topps error cards that feature "Washington Nat'l League" on them in place of the San Diego Padres team name.

But wait, there was no Washington team in the National League in 1974, right? Right, however the Padres were extremely close to moving there after only five seasons in San Diego, as two Washington D.C. business men nearly bought the Padres and moved them to D.C. only a few years after version two of the Senators moved to Texas, but that's another story. This article does a much better job explaining the situation than I could.

So far I have the three cards below and somewhere I also have the Willie McCovey card but as of right now it has unfortunately disappeared.

If anyone has more of these cards that they have up for trade, let me know by emailing me at the address on the contact page and we can work something out. For now though, the search continues for my missing Willie McCovey card.

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