Sunday, August 4, 2019

A Trade From the Dime Box

A few weeks ago, well maybe even a month ago at this point, Nick over at the Dime Boxes blog put up a post about how trading seems to have slowed down for him. I was reading it and realized that trading has slowed down for me a lot as well (despite the fact I just featured two trade packages in previous posts). 

At the end of the post, he asked if anyone would be willing to strike up a trade. So of course, since I haven't traded with anyone in a while I said "of course, I'll trade with you Nick." And thus, that's how these cards arrived in my mailbox a few weeks ago. As usual, Nick sent cards that hit everything I collect.

I'll start with vintage as I enjoy nothing more than receiving vintage in trade packages. And boy, am I starting with a doozy. This 1971 Pete Rose card has obviously seen better days but this is a card that even though it wasn't on my "most wanted" list, it's a card that I've had my eye on here and there for a while. 

Defunct teams are another one of my guilty pleasures when it comes to cards. Here's a card from 1964 Topps depicting the Milwaukee Braves. The Braves in 1964 went 88-74 and finished 5th in the National League. They would depart for Atlanta following the 1965 season. Fun fact: The Braves team never had a losing season in Milwaukee.

These are some 1970s O-Pee-Chee cards and I was pretty excited to see these. I might do a write-up on these in a separate post down the road but I'm not sure. Maybe something for the SABR Baseball Cards blog? I'm still looking for a topic to potentially write about there. 

Here's some cards from the 1981 Topps scratch-off game. Aside from scratch-off tickets from the lottery, I've never really played any type of scratch off games. I'm guessing that the way this was played is that you scratch off circle by circle? Not sure. Anyway, these are pretty neat little oddballs.

More modern stuff now and there were these manu-relics included. I'm not down on these as a lot of people are and I think that they definitely have their place in blaster boxes or part of retail packs. I would, however, be disappointed if I bought a hobby box and got one of these as the "guaranteed hit".

I like to collect a little bit of everything, as most can see from my want list, so Nick included a little bit of everything. First we have this very shiny Willie McCovey card.

I can't tell you the last time I received cards of Tony Gwynn in a trade package. These were certainly unexpected and very welcome. 

Good stuff of some misc Hall of Famers here. Always nice to add another Eck to the collection.

The Ozzie card on the left is from the 1990 Baseball Card Magazine set. It's pretty close to the 1969 Topps design so they get credit for that for sure. The other is a from the Score P&G All-Star game set. I received the whole set last year as part of my blogger secret Santa package so this will go in with my Cardinals cards.

Don't have a lot of Topps Kids cards in my collection. I like that these aren't completely crazy like Garbage Pail Kids but are just fun enough that they definitely bring me back to being a kids in the 90s.

A couple new Robin Yount cards. The yellow border one is a box bottom.

In terms of team collections, Nick also hit my Reds and Indians team collections pretty good. It's always a good day when I can add Cy Young cards to my collection.

Some random Indians from then and now including a 2018 Donruss Jay Bruce which was on my most wanted list and a Utz oddball of Jose Ramirez.

Some Edwin Encarnacion cards. Seems like forever ago when he was with Cleveland. I only really look for his cards as a Red or Indian.

And some Francisco Lindor to close out the Indians portion. With all of these cards (plus the ones I didn't show), it'll be a really good time to go through my Indians binder and streamline everything.

Moving on to the Reds section now, these Hal Morris cards are from Baseball Card Magazine as well. I think my favorite of these is the 1970 version.

Yay! Griffey Jr. cards! I'll never tire of Griffey Jr. cards featuring him with the Reds. It's still kind of mind boggling to me that the Reds were able to get him from the Mariners.

More Topps Kids cards.

Some early 2000s action here, including a card of Jose Rijo during his comeback period. For those who don't know, Rijo was out of baseball from 1996-2000 due to numerous elbow problems. Finally, he returned to the bigs in 2001 as a reliever and then managed to even make some starts in 2002 including the final game at Riverfront Stadium. He was going to pitch in 2003 but his arm troubles resurfaced and he retired soon after.

This Adam Dunn card is from a Reds stadium giveaway set. As far as I know, the Reds are one of the few teams, if not the only team, that still produces their own unique card set. I always like the Fleer Greats set as well, if not for the front, just for the backs that have full and complete career stats.

A few random Reds from the 80s

And finally a nice batch of modern day Reds cards. Matt Kemp was dumped from the team in early May, right when Nick Senzel was called up (can't say I really miss Kemp at all) and Scooter Gennett was traded to the Giants during the Reds trade deadline bonanza.

This was a fantastic package from Nick and I appreciate him sending it over. I'm working on a return package and while I can't guarantee it'll be as epic as what he sent, I'm hopeful there will be some stuff in there he can use. Thanks Nick!


  1. Looks like this trade is off to a great start!

  2. You're very welcome, my friend! Trading with other "little of everything" collectors like yourself is a whole lot of fun for me -- I get a huge kick out of putting packages like this one together.

    I somehow forgot that I already had a '71 Rose when I bought that one at a card show a while back, so I'm glad I could find a good home for the dupe. I'm also a fan of Fleer Greats, and I'm glad you showed the Morgan because I rarely see that set mentioned anywhere these days.