Sunday, March 24, 2019

Two Packs of 2017 BBM Baseball Cards 1st Version

These are the last two baseball packs I had laying around that Ryan sent over with his care package a while back. I'm pretty excited to open these as the batch of loose cards were super cool.

The layout here is 10 cards per pack. I like the action photo on the Takuya Shindoh card. The "Cross Squall" care is one of the insert sets. I'm not sure what it means by "Cross Squall" but it's a pretty neat looking card.

The other four cards of the first pack. For some reason, the Jorge Rondon name sounds familiar. I looked up his stats and he only appeared in 13 big league games from 2014-16, so not sure why that name stands out to me. I like the Fukuoka SoftBank Hawks team card. Capping off the pack is a Tsuyoshi Wada reprint card.

Here's the next pack and the first six cards. My favorites here are the Toshiro Miyazaki and Yoshifumi Okada cards. No inserts in this pack. One thing I find unique about the teams here is how some of the uniforms are very similar to MLB teams such as the Miyazaki (who's uniform reminds me of the Royals) and the Okada (who reminds me of the White Sox) cards I mentioned.

Here are three more from the pack including another Tsuyoshi Wada card.

Finally, here's the best card I pulled from either pack .... Yusei Kikuchi. Yes, that Yusei Kikuchi. I had to double check when I pulled it out that it was the right player and sure enough, it was. While it's not a rookie card or anything, I still think it's pretty cool to get a card of the top Japanese players in MLB right now.

So that's two packs of 2017 BBM Baseball 1st version. The Kikuchi card was definitely the highlight card but also, I enjoyed opening packs from overseas.