Monday, March 18, 2019

Retail Repack Adventures #19: The Return

I've been lacking for inspiration lately. So in order to get my creative juices flowing again, I went back and looked through some old posts for inspiration ... and I found it.

Long time readers of this blog will know that I had an ongoing series where I was reviewing repacks from Walgreens and Target. The series went dormant a while back but it was something everyone seemed to enjoy reading about, so I've decided to bring back the "Retail Repack Adventures" series.

The family and I stopped at the local Target today as they had a good sale on printers. I found some Heritage (of which I got three loose packs and a blaster) along with said printer. Once we got home and I got the printer set up, I thought the best way to test out the scanning function would be to dive into the repack.

This is one of those 50-card, 4-pack deals for $7.99. Let's see what's inside ...

Here's the "bonus prize", a blind bag of MLB TeenyMates that contains two figures and puzzle pieces of some sort. I didn't open it as I decided to save it for my six-year-old's Easter basket.

The 50-card mini box was about what I expected, lots of junk wax commons. However, I did manage to find a nice batch of keepers for my collection. First, here's some cards from the 90s. I like the black text on the green background of 1992 Fleer. The Mark McGwire Stadium Club card is a member's choice parallel card which is pretty neat. I don't mind 1990 Donruss all that much as there are far worse Donruss sets out there (1988 and 1989 for example). 

Some stuff from the 80s contingent that was contained within. Pretty decent selection here with some 87 Donruss, 86 Topps, a Roger Clemens All-Star card (on which he is named as a "right hand pitcher") and a pretty cool Wille Upshaw night card from 1989 Upper Deck.

Some mid-2000s cards. Nice action shot on the Chase Utley card.

More modern stuff here with three straight 2017 Topps Chrome cards of three really good players. I've said numerous times I'm not a buyer of Topps Chrome but should I find them in a bargain bin or a repack box, I won't complain.

Cool! A Freddie Freeman rookie card!

Another mix of some newer stuff, including P-Town Tom's favorite player, Dan Vogelbach. The Roberto Osuna card is my first Topps Finest card in who knows how long.

The hell? This isn't a basketball repack. This is one of three random basketball cards I found in the box and the only one I'll keep, probably. Basketball isn't really my thing but for now, I'll hang onto it.

Now, time for the four packs and I was actually pleasantly surprised by what they included. Three packs from 2018 and the requisite junk wax pack.

My favorites from the 2018 Topps Series 1 pack. Even though these card are a year old, they're still great. Probably my favorite Topps flagship design since 2012.

The Opening Day pack was only seven cards so I decided to scan them all.

Three highlights from the 1990 Upper Deck pack. I know I've already got the Barry Larkin card (probably three times over) but my favorite here is the Randy Bush card. It's him in the batting cage obviously before a game. I love how great the background is as well.

Finally, four cards from the Topps Big League pack. The John Smoltz card I know is one I don't have. Same with Victor Robles. The other two I think are dupes but I'll have to double check.

So, that's a 50-card, 4-pack repack from Target. Some decent stuff here to be honest and I liked that the packs were mostly 2018. I'm going to be getting back into the swing of things now that I feel re-inspired. Never thought inspiration would come from a repack.


  1. If you have to get a basketball card, an action shot from a HOFer is the way to go!

  2. I think you did alright. Nice Smoltz card and if you are going to get a random NBA card, a Barkley is a good one to get.

  3. I think I got the same four packs when I bought a repack box about a month ago. Didn't get a Freeman RC though-nice pull!

  4. Not bad. These repacks are nice since give us a walk down memory lane. That basketball card is definitely random. Some decent pulls for sure.

  5. Finding a Freddie Freeman rookie in a repack ain't too shabby!

  6. Just saw another blogger post that they are completing the Upper Deck X set you got a Texiera card of , forgot whom though.