Monday, January 2, 2017

Retail Repack Adventures #6: Quality Control Fail

Happy New Year everyone!

I had planned on getting a post up right after Christmas but the combination of getting back to work and not having much free time caused my holiday hiatus to be a bit longer than anticipated. However, things are finally starting to settle down and I'll have more time to write. With it being a new year, I figure what better way to start things off with than with another lovely repack from the local Walgreens.

Dont panic! It's just the cover card of one Joe Panik from the 2015 Topps Update All-Star Access set. When I first got one of these in one of those holiday boxes from Target, I was confused. They weren't the normal All-Star cards I was used to seeing in Update. Come to find out, they were a retail only insert set. Even though I'm just a few cards shy of completing the All-Star cards from 2015 (I really need to check on that), I'm not planning on going after these.

A repack wouldn't be complete without a giant lot of 2014 Topps. I only opened 3-4 packs of it at the time so I'm definitely making up for it now. The Luis Valbuena card is pretty awesome with the throwback Cubs jersey.

Some nice cards from the 2000s which have since been added to my binder. Does anyone else remember Impact? I didn't until the Jim Thome card revealed itself. 

More recent Topps cards, this time from 2012. I like that set, no matter what anyone else says. It's the set that got me back into collecting.

Anytime I can pull some 86 Topps cards from a repack, it's a good day. One day I might decide to put together that set but I have some other projects I want to work on first. 

1989 Topps was well represented with cards not only from the main set, but also from the Traded set. I've always sort of liked the design of these cards as it felt kind of fun but it also stands out because it followed a very bland 1988 design. Also, I had no idea that Buddy Bell had played for the Astros.

This is interesting. It's a 1994 card of Alma Ziegler from the Ted Williams card company. Ziegler was one of the top stars of the All-American Girls Professional Baseball League during the 40s and 50s. She played for the Milwaukee/Grand Rapids Chicks from 1944-54, won the 1950 Player of the Year award, was a four time all-star, and was the official team captain. This is a pretty cool card that will have a nice home in my 90s binder.

Getting oddballs out of repacks is always neat. I'm always a fan of these Post cereal cards from the 90s as I had a pretty extensive collection of them back in the day. I don't think I had this Bonds one though. I've never been a fan of Bonds in all honesty but an oddball card of him as a Pirate is one that I'll hang on to.

Here's where things get a little screwy. First there were two of these Tom Brunansky cards ....

... then two of these Alejandro De Aza cards ...

... then two of these Todd Hundley cards ...

... and then this! What happened here I wonder and how did this get past quality control? Also, how did this, what was once a Dan Plesac card, get so horribly damaged?

Puzzling right? 

Anyway, that lays to rest this Walgreens repack. I've got one more of these left that I picked up and hopefully it doesn't have the egregious issues this one had.


  1. That Dan Plesac card is AWESOME! If you're not gonna keep it, may I put dibs on it? I love that kinda stuff.

  2. Well, if you decide to do the 1986 Topps set, I can help you out. Bought 3+ boxes and I still couldn't complete the set. Have plenty of multiples, though!

  3. Man, you got "ripped off!"

    Sorry, I couldn't resist the terrible pun. Clearly somebody wasn't paying attention at the ol repack factory that day.

  4. Weird! I just got ond of these and there were some 2016 Topps in them. Surprised they already found their way in.

  5. I just bought a football pack that I'll wait to open when I get home and post then. My previous one seemed well received.

    I think their quality control consists of counting.

  6. I think it is a right of passage that every so often something goofy comes out of these repacks.

  7. To me, stuff like the forgotten Impact set and the ridiculous Dan Plesac card are the reason I keep buying these. The doubles I could do without, though.

  8. Another great repack! I pick one of these up anytime I find one that has a 'face' card that I really like. Love the AS Panik and that Jeter is pretty sweet for a repack pull! Favorite of the pack would have to be the Alma Ziegler though. I've slowly but surely been putting together the Women of Baseball and Negro League subsets from that Ted Williams' set. Congrats and Happy New Year!