Saturday, January 28, 2017

Then, Now, and Forever

 Happy Royal Rumble weekend everyone!

Then, now, and forever. That's what the WWE states and the end of the signature of every one of their programs. Last fall, Topps released a set using that same name. This is basically their version of an update set for WWE. You get ten packs, plus one relic card for $20.

The base cards use the same design as the baseball set. Of the two big "rookie cards" included in this set, A.J. Styles and Shinsuke Nakamura were the two I wanted the most. I got the A.J. card but no Nakamura. I'll settle for Dean Ambrose and Luke Harper cards I suppose.

As is the case with the WWE sets, a good amount of legends are included. I like the fact that they went way back with the Peter Maivia card all the way up to more modern legends like DDP, Yokozuna, and Vader, who was always one of my favorites to watch back in the day.

Cards for the NXT stars are also thrown in to the mix and there was one of these every other pack (at least from what I can remember ... it's been about a month since I opened this). Of the NXT cards included, these are the four people that I enjoy watching the most on that show and it's really cool to see Austin Aries in a WWE card set.

These are bronze parallels that I believe were seeded everyone other pack as well. Basically, if you didn't get an NXT card in the pack, you got one of these. 

Rivalries is the main insert of the set and one of these came out of every pack. I like the design on these but a lot of them are already dated. Plus there were some pretty lame ones like Lana vs. Nikki Bella.

Tribute cards to The Rock were also included. This was an insert set carried across all the WWE brands this past year. Also included but I didn't scan it was a Triple H tribute card.

The box promises one relic card and here it is. What could be inside? Something good? Something bad?

It's a Jimmy Uso card. Not exactly what I was hoping for but then again, I've been spoiled the last two WWE blasters I've opened with really good pulls. I supposed it's time I got a lame one. At least it's a big orange patch and not a standard white patch.

This was a fun, quick break but I think it'll be a while before I invest in a WWE blaster box again. Next time, I'll get packs from the card shop.


  1. Rumble young man rumble! Excited for tomorrow night. Its my second favorite behind mania.

    1. Me too! I haven't been this excited for a Rumble in a long time.

    2. A group of friends are getting together tomorrow night to watch it. It should be fun, but it is sad when my friend's seven year-old daughter knows more wrestlers than I do. She has followed them from NXT, and I think I've only ever watched one of their pay-per-views.

  2. Fun break! I'm planning to post my break of the same product tomorrow. Also looking forward to the Rumble!

  3. Nice post. I really enjoy the Legend cards like Yokozuna - is there a recent wrestling trading card product that focuses only on the legends of the WWF/E?

    1. As far as I know, there isn't. However legends cards are included in every WWE release. I'd recommend checking out COMC for singles of legends cards.