Wednesday, January 11, 2017

You've Got Mail #57: Three Christmas PWEs

It's been nearly a week since I've had time to sit down and write about cards. If you follow me on Twitter, then you'll know why. Last Thursday, my three-year-old son had to go in the hospital with an intestinal blockage. We went in to the ER, thinking they would take care of it there. They did but there were other issues the doctor was concerned about so they admitted him. He was there from Thursday night until Saturday afternoon and my wife and I spent the whole time there with him (save for the hour or so it took me to run home and gather up overnight bags for each of us). I'll save you the details but suffice to say he had to be "cleaned out", as the nurses put it. What that means, I'll leave up to the imagination. Saturday afternoon they released him and now he's doing much better and is back to his normal little self. So, aside from my "Four Favorite Cards" post that was already scheduled before the hospital stay happened, I've been nowhere near the blog scene. I'm just now getting all my bearings back and having time to get writing again. 

Since I'm behind on everything, I figured what better way to start getting caught up on stuff is to combine a bunch of PWEs I received during Christmas time into one post. Yes, I know it's nearly mid-January and I'm just now writing about cards I got at Christmas. Heck, we still have our tree up! While no presents will be going under it anytime soon, here's what I was gifted by fellow bloggers when the Christmas tree was still relevant.

The first PWE was from Oscar over at ATBATT. Actually, he sent me two PWEs, the second of which I'll cover next. The first one though was stuffed with what else but Reds cards. Some of the early 90s ones are duplicates but that's fine. The Tony Perez Gypsy Queen card though is something else. The artistic style of Gypsy Queen is always nice but take a look at the background of that card. It's great isn't it? I'm not sure what ballpark that is but I'm almost certain it's not Crosley Field as Perez is in the road grey uniform. Regardless, it's a pretty awesome card.

The second PWE was more focused on some of my side collections and they were all touched on. First, there were two nice additions to my Dennis Eckersley PC and then two Expos cards, but the ones I were really excited about were the bottom three. I had no recollection that Manny had ever played for Oakland so I took to the ever helpful Baseball Reference to confirm. Turns out that he didn't. He signed with Oakland in February of 2012 and was released later that summer. Guess what, that makes it a zero-year card! The other two cards are parts of collections I'm just starting up, that being buybacks and throwback uniforms. The Valbuena card you've already seen in the latest Walgreens repack.

Next, we have a small four-card PWE from Trevor at Bump and Run cards. The two 1984 Topps cards will help out toward the set build. It's one of my collecting goals to either finish or nearly complete that set this year. I still need to track down the Don Mattingly rookie but I'm waiting for a decent price before I grab it. The other two cards will help out with both the Reds collection and the aforementioned Eckersley PC. 

Closing this out is a nice selection from Adam K. at Infield Fly Rule, the man who benefits from all my unwanted Rockies cards. There were some Indians cards, a nice card of Harmon Killebrew, and some Reds "cameo" cards, which I have to admit are pretty cool. One card I need to touch on though is the 1993 Donruss Freddie Benavides. I've mentioned before that 1993 Donruss is one of my favorite sets but almost everything I have is from Series 1. Being that it's an expansion draft card, it's from Series 2 and I really like the fact that he's sporting a Reds uniform while having the Rockies logo and colors on the nameplate.

A big thanks goes out to Oscar, Trevor, and Adam K. for the great additions to my collection. Hopefully things will settle down some and I can get back to a regular posting schedule and possibly even get my Christmas tree down.


  1. Sorry to hear about your son's issues. It's no fun to be in the hospital, I know from first hand experience. Glad he'll be OK. The worry you and your wife must have had was probably pretty unbearable I'd guess.

  2. Glad to hear your son is doing better and that you have time for cards again.

  3. Good to hear that your boy is doing well again. Always scary when you walk into a hospital not knowing what's going on and what's going to happen.

  4. Having a sick kid is one of the more helpless feelings on earth. Glad everything turned out ok. Go have a beer....

  5. Yikes what a way to spend a weekend, glad to hear about the clean bill of health.

  6. Glad your son is doing better after that scary episode, Adam!

    The 2012 Topps Manny is one of the better cards in recent memory for the sheer quirkiness of it. You don't see zero-year cards of seasoned vets too often these days.