Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Gotta Catch 'Em All?

Last weekend, my wife asked me to brave the cold and the snow to go out to our garage and find some of her drawings and her Pokemon cards. I found the cards but wasn't able to find said drawings before trekking back inside the house to warmth.

After looking through them, she decided that she wanted to take them up to one of my favorite card shops, Maverick's, this weekend to have them evaluated and see if they would be interested in buying since they do a lot in the way of gaming cards (Magic, Yu-Gi-Oh, etc) along with sports cards. I'll admit I have zero clue about any gaming cards despite the online detective work my wife and I did.

Here's what we found. If anyone can provide any insight into these, it'd be greatly appreciated!

This Charizard card is probably the most valuable of the cards we found and was THE card that everyone chased after when the Pokemon game first came out in 1999.

This Machamp is a first edition card (you can tell by the black stamp on the left) and it's still in the original wrapper. First edition cards only came in booster packs

These are promo cards called Ancient Mew and were given out to moviegoers during the first week run of The Power of One. It's pretty cool that we found two of these which could only mean one of two things ... either my wife went to see the movie twice during opening week or she went with one of her siblings and they got the second one.

Here are a handful of other cool cards we found. Pikachu is one some sort of acetate and the card below it is some sort of die-cut. The other two are from the same 1999 set as the Charizard and Machamp above.

In case you're wondering what else we found, here's the majority of the rest of the collection. 

After looking through these, I don't think we caught them all, but I think we caught most of them ... hopefully.


  1. These cards bring back some memories...especially the Charizard.

  2. I was an active Magic the Gathering player. Sold my collection when all the people I played with moved away.

  3. To all those wondering out there....I went once to the movie! Having plenty of Siblings helps with these kind of things ;)