Sunday, January 31, 2016

Fun Finds From the Flea Market #2

Since it was a nice weekend and the family and I had nothing planned today after celebrating our son's 3rd birthday yesterday, we decided to hit up the flea market. It'd been a while, last fall to be exact, since we'd been out there. There were a handful of outdoor vendors and the inside vendors were only about half full. However, I did manage to find a few good deals. Sorry if the scans are a bit off, my scanner was acting funny today.

First up, I stopped by one of my usual guys. Normally, he has a small booth but has since moved his whole brick and mortar store to the flea market and I was quite impressed and a bit overwhelmed at what all he had. I checked out some of the cases he had and was able to secure the Jari Kurri card for a few bucks. I'll definitely be back and get some more stuff from him next time. While I was there, he mentioned that a long time dealer at the flea market was closing down and today was his last day. More on that in a bit.

There were a lot of booths with Funko figures and assorted figures but I just happened to spot these old Starting Lineup figures at one of them. The Claude Lemieux figure was only a couple dollars but the Chris Sabo was well over ten dollars. However, I managed to talk the guy down to half price on it since he was just wanting to get rid of it. Yeah, these were my most expensive purchase of the day, but they're well worth it as I'd really like to start collecting these here and there.

Next stop was another of my usual vendors which has a healthy mix of wrestling collectibles and baseball cards. They had a giant tub of old just wax sitting on the floor and when I asked how much the packs were, the guy was like "how about five for a dollar". Sold! I picked out ten packs and paid up. He offered me a price on the whole tub but I have exactly zero room for a giant plastic tub filled with junk wax packs unfortunately. I'm saving these for future articles.

Final stop was the aforementioned store that was closing down. While everything had pretty much been picked through and the place looked like Cindy Lou Who's living room after the Grinch stole all of the Christmas decorations, I asked the guy if he had any cards left. He scrounged a few up but mentioned someone had come along a few weeks ago and cleaned him out. This was all that was left, the two singles and the box you see above. I asked how much for all and he gave me a more than reasonable price.

The box was only about half full but and was nothing but 1980 Topps football. Not really a major football collector but I did find a few gems below:

There were quite a few duplicates in there as well but I wasn't all that disappointed, especially when I found that Terry Bradshaw card in the mix. I've earmarked some of them for a few trade packs down the line, the rest I've yet to figure out what to do with.

I spent just over $20 today but judging by the crowd and the limited selection of vendors today, I probably won't be back until warm weather kicks around late March/early April.


  1. I still love Starting Lineup figures. If you are ever looking for more give eBay a look. Sometimes you can find some nice team oriented lots. Just pay attention to the shipping prices.

    Nice for haul for $20!

    1. Thanks Matt. I checked Ebay as you said and the prices for the figures aren't bad. The guy it got the figures from only had a few left but judging by the dust on them, they'll still be there next time I visit so I might pick up a few more.

  2. That SLU Chris Sabo is pretty neat. And half a box full of 1980 Topps football is certainly better than no box half full of 1980 Topps football.

    1. Thanks, I thought so too. It was on the back of the shelf high up in a corner collecting dust, so I figured I would rescue it.