Sunday, January 17, 2016

A Blaster Box of 2015 Allen & Ginter

I'm getting to the end of the Christmas goodies finally and I decided to polish everything off this weekend. First thing I tore into was this blaster of Allen & Ginter. I got some free Ginter cards from the card shop back in the fall and enjoyed those, but I've never actually ripped into any.

First things first, the minis. I'll admit, I'm not a big fan of the minis, mainly because I have no good way to store them. However, there are a few cool ones out there. This blaster had one mini per pack and I ended up with three different kinds as shown above. The standard one is on the left (Johnny Cueto), the one in the middle is some sort of parallel, and the Micah Johnson is call the "Ginter back" since it doesn't have the stats on it. And yes, I actually had to research all of this because Ginter likes to be difficult.

I like the Appomattox Court House card mainly due to the historical significance, and the fact that I majored in history in college. The California Island card is neat mainly because I learned that when the original maps were drawn that everyone thought there was a strait running through there. I can definitely say I learned something new when opening this blaster.

As far as inserts go, I'd say my favorite of the A&G insert sets is the Staring Points, mainly because it features players from their original team and half the time, it's teams I'd forgotten they had played for. A prime example here is Anthony Rizzo. I'd forgotten all about his stint in San Diego. The Kluber card next to it will be going toward my new Indians collection when I finally decide to get that organized.

As for actual base cards, here are the highlights. Among the things that drives me nuts about Ginter is some non-baseball people they include. Mike Mills I'll accept as I enjoy some of R.E.M.'s music and I don't mind some of the actors and baseball related people they include but some of the other people like surfers, activists, comedians, and sportswriters seems like nothing but filler.

Here's a few more of the base cards I pulled. Pulling two nice rookies like Pederson and Soler is always good. Most of these base cards will be going in my 2015 binder.

So, will I buy another blaster of A&G? Probably not unless Target has them on a super discount, but I will pick up any singles I'm interested in.


  1. the non-baseball content keeps a&g near the bottom of my pack busting choices. not sure i'll ever understand the love so many collectors have for this brand.

    1. I agree with you Julie. I don't quite understand why everyone gets so crazy over it. Yes, the cards are nice but there's a bunch of other stuff I'd rather dig into.

  2. I enjoy the Starting Points inserts for the same reason you mentioned. So many great unfamiliar uniforms, like Rizzo as a Padre.