Thursday, December 27, 2018

Two Packs of 1990 Upper Deck

Included with the most recent repacks I opened were these two packs of 1990 Upper Deck. Typically in repacks is stuff like Donruss from 1988-1991, so these are a bit of a neat surprise. I'm not expecting anything ground breaking from these so let's see what these packs contain.

Pack #1

No real notable names here aside from Omar Vizquel. I always did like the artwork on the checklists Upper Deck put in. I think that's Von Hayes on the Phillies card. I always liked the design on these cards as well, it's clean with the team logo on the bottom and the name right below that. The photography as usual on Upper Deck cards is great.

The sticker is hard to be seen but it's a Mariners sticker. Some decent players here in Lenny Harris, Gary Redus, and Bob Melvin. Pretty neat to get a card of the current A's manager. 

Last batch from the first pack. I have to say, that's a great photo on the Bill Doran card. The only other name I recognize from this batch is Bret Saberhagen. Also, don't know why, but the Bill Schroeder card kind of reminds me of Tom Berenger as the catcher in Major League.

Pack #2

A Hall of Famer in Alan Trammell is a nice way to start the second pack. Also, there's a card of Jose Bautista .... no, not that Jose Bautista. This Jose Bautista only won one game for the Orioles in 22 relief appearance in 1990.

There were actually two stickers included with the second pack but with it but when I did the photos for this piece, they looked awful. So, I left them out. This is probably the best batch of all with Fred Lynn, Jim Abbott, Doug Jones, and Doug Drabek.

And the final five. The last three cards of Joe Girardi, Benito Santiago, and Willie Wilson are a great way to close out these packs. Girardi was actually in line to be the Reds manager before he withdrew and they went with David Bell instead. 

Again, these packs weren't anything special but they scratched the pack ripping itch so there's that.


  1. Wow, a walk down memory lane. I like the Bill Schroeder image...some good stuff in here in terms of photo quality. I forgot about the holo stickers they included in this set. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Check any from #101 to 199 for missing copyright lines!

  3. That Doran is fantastic! Saberhagen and Santiago aren't too shabby either.

  4. I really mist the Upper Deck checklist art. Great Bill Doran photo on his card. That Mike Scott art is pretty cool as well. Love the old Upper Deck baseball. Fun packs. Thanks.