Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Dime Box Potpourri

About a month or so ago, I emailed Dimebox Nick about a few cards I had for him for an impromptu trade. I sent him over a mailer and about a week or after, I found a nice padded mailer sitting on the kitchen counter when I got home from work. A package from Nick is guaranteed to include all sorts of goodies. 

I'll start with vintage. There's an off center John Lowenstein from 1972 and two well loved 1970 Topps cards, my favorite of which is the Senators "Rookie Stars" card.

George Brett cards? Sure, why not. I've said this before, the base set design of 2018 Donruss didn't exactly thrill me but the 1984 style cards are super cool.

Junior cards!! I'm always looking to add to my Griffey collection, especially any Reds cards I can find of him.

Cards of Hall of Famers are nice too. I love that Willie Stargell Diamond Kings card.

More Hall of Famers and not only that but Expos! The Andre Dawson is an Archives Reprint and although that Gary Carter card may look a bit washed out in the back, believe me, it's really cool in person.

The McDonald's Expos set was distributed throughout stores in French speaking areas of Canada to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Expos in 1993. It included stars from past and present dating back to the beginning of the team in 1969. I've never seen these before so I was definitely excited to find these included.

Nick also hit on some of my primary team collections. You can't go wrong with oddballs like this. I think the Toby Harrah is a dupe, not sure though. I'll have to check my Indians binder.

I didn't get a chance to participate in the National Baseball Card Day festivities this year but Nick provided me the Edwin Encarnacion card from the set. Francisco Meija was sent to the Padres in July for bullpen help in the name of Adam Cimber and Brad Hand.

Can't go wrong with Dave Winfield cards!

And here's a Players Weekend commemorative patch card in the form of Francisco Lindor. I'm guessing this was from a Series 1 blaster. I really don't seem to mind these "manu-relics" as most do.

As usual, any trade package I receive has a fair number of Reds cards. Here are some oddballs again to start off with. I think the Jimmy Dean Sabo might be a dupe but I'll have to double check.

One Sabo card I know is not a dupe is this King-B Meat Snacks disc from 1989 (side note: they made these discs all the way into the early 2000s). I'm not really one for beef jerky or meat snacks myself but if a card like this came with it, I'd totally buy it.

I don't buy much in the way of high end and I'm not even sure if Topps Inception falls into that category but all I know is that this is a really cool Billy Hamilton card.

I don't know what happened to the lettering on that Johnny Bench Stadium Club card but I can assure you it's not a parallel/variation/whatever. I think when I touched up the picture, the letters became blue somehow. Regardless, it's a really super cool card. Also, I really love the Sean Casey UD Victory card as I have roughly zero of those.

I've mentioned my love for Paul Konerko Reds cards in the past and this one is pretty cool. It's probably the shiniest one I have in my collection. I couldn't resist showing off the Barry Larkin Donruss RC as well.

Finally, some Joey Votto cards to add to the pile. I think when I reorganize my Reds collection this winter, player collections will go it one binder to make it easier to figure dupes and what not. That Diamond Kings card is a beauty.

Thanks Nick for the impromptu trade. Let's do it again soon!


  1. Great assortment of stuff. I love the regional issues that become surprises decades later to us. I'm not big on that jerky stuff either, but I bought a lot as a kid just because of those discs. MLB, take note! Food issues work!

  2. Nick sure puts a lot of variety (and awesome oddballs) into his packages. Great stuff.

  3. Glad you enjoyed everything! I'm also particularly fond of Konerko's Reds cards -- they're among my favorites in my Short Term Stops collection.