Monday, May 28, 2018

Retail Repack Adventures #18

Today marks the beginning of the end ... the end of the hockey season that is. The Stanley Cup Finals between Washington and Vegas start tonight and even though I'd be fine with either team winning, the smart money would be on Vegas. However, I thought now would be a good time to dive into the final hockey repack I have laying around. This probably won't be the most wordy article as, honestly, I busted this repack about two months ago and I've been sitting on it since. Better late than never I suppose.

First card out of the gates was this Brayden Schenn from 2014-15 Upper Deck. I like this design more than the recent Upper Deck flagship hockey designs, but I really don't have much else to say.

Brad Stuart enjoyed a 16-year NHL career, leaving the league in 2016. In 2000, he finished second in the Calder Cup Trophy voting. On the flip side, Greg Leeb only made two NHL appearance, both for the Stars, during the 2000-01 season. I find it interesting that cards from the CHL made their way into a repack found at a random Target in the middle of southwest Ohio, which isn't exactly the biggest hockey area.

Two old school goalies, Ron Tugnutt and Mike Vernon, who I remember from my foray into hockey in the 90s. That Flames mask on Vernon is just tremendous.

Some parallel cards from some mid 90s sets. If you look closely, you can see that the Pinnacle logo on the card on the left is punched out using pinholes. That's pretty cool.

Yet another parallel, this time of Keith Tkachuk, who appears to be in a Jets uniform. 

Brett Hull isn't someone I usually go on the hunt for when it comes to cards but I won't complain when I get cards of his. Same with Teppo Numminen, especially when it comes to a card that has the original Coyotes uniform and logo.

Hey, would you look at this! The first jersey card I ever pulled from a hockey repack. Tomas Holmstrom played his entire NHL career from 1996-97 to 2011-12 with the Red Wings. While normally, the jersey cards of players in repacks are either duds or players who maybe lasted a year or two, it's pretty cool to get a card of a player who had as long of a career as Holmstrom. Also, despite the fact it's a basic jersey card, I did the combination of the red borders and the red patch.

Of course, no repack is complete without junk wax of some sort. The Pro Set Curtis Leschyshyn card is a rookie card (according to the checklist on TCDB) and the Claude Lemieux is a UER card.

More international cards, this time a Mike Watt card from the Canadian national team and a card from the World Junior Championships.

Speaking of some international cards, it's junk wax O-Pee-Chee! Any O-Pee-Chee I can scoop up, I'll take, especially when it's cards of players the status of Jari Kurri and Claude Lemieux.

I'll close this out with with a Nikolaj Ehlers rookie card. I was all in for the Jets in this year's playoffs and, while I was sad to see them eliminated in the Western Conference Finals by Vegas, I'm hopeful that next year they'll get back to the playoffs.

Well, that's the last hockey repack I had. I'm not sure who I'm pulling for in the Finals tonight. It'd be really cool to see Vegas win the Cup but it'd also be cool to see Washington hoist the cup too. Regardless, I think we're in for a great series.

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  1. A decent jersey card in a repack? That's a treat. And the Shanny gold is part of a (redeemed) team set I believe. I have the Whalers set somewhere.