Monday, May 14, 2018

Frozen In Time

After tearing open some hockey repacks (two of which I've featured and one yet to come), I have these loose packs laying around. As I did with the baseball ones from previous repacks, I've just decided to open these in one fell swoop instead of pack by pack. These cards have been, well, frozen in their packs since they were sealed so time to see what's inside.

First pack is the 1990-91 Pro Set, apparently the hottest cards on ice or so the pack says. And so far, there's not a whole lot here but I do have a new Devils card to add to the mix. I like the design on these as they're very colorful. The top and bottom borders correspond with the players team and the half circle on the bottom is the teams secondary color. That being said, they're still not the best as the card stock is pretty flimsy.

Only one player I recognize here, that being Sergei Federov. I do like the get-up on Frank Pietrangelo though.

There's a few fun cards in this last batch. I like the Marcel Dionne card and the Oilers Stanley Cup championship card. Also, how often do you see cards of referees? That's pretty neat.

Moving on to the following years Pro Set. I've opened a ton of this in the past with boxes of both Series 1 (in French by the way) and Series 2, so I'm a little tired of this product by now. However, I will say this was a pretty decent pack, including Ken Daneyko and Rod Brind'Amour.

The design is much more simple than the 1990-91 design with just a basic nameplate and a team logo. There were also some All-Star cards commemorating the All-Star Game that year in Chicago.

Some old school Sabres to close out the pack with Dale Hawerchuck and Rick Vaive. Also, I should note this is a pack of the French version. Take a look at the fine print underneath Kelly Kisio's name. I'm guessing he was a selection of Minnesota in that convoluted draft in 1991 with the Sharks and the  Stars.

Also, here's a picture of the back, which is very much in French. I can't read or write French, so what that says, you got me.

Moving on to the last pack, it's some 1990-91 Score, which is famous for two rookie cards, Martin Brodeur and Jaromir Jagr. I bought a sealed factory set of this a few years ago because it was three bucks and I primarily wanted the Brodeur rookie. I eventually broke the set, kept the cards I wanted, and sent the rest to either trading buddies or to the local Goodwill.

Nothing much here so far, except for a pretty neat looking Al MacInnis card.

I guess the All-Star cards have the whole multiple exposure thing going on? Anyway, no dice on either the Brodeur or Jagr cards, but I do have two new Nordiques cards to add to the mix. Junk wax hockey really isn't my forte but I still enjoyed tearing into these packs. 


  1. Pro Set will always have a place in my collection, it's a big part of my childhood and a major reason why I started following hockey. Per Djoos is one of the all-time greatest names in sports; his son Christian is playing for the Capitals.

  2. Love 91-92 Pro Set. If I wasn't so into baseball it would be the next set I collect.

  3. Congratulations on pulling a Fedorov rookie card! Pro Set and Score really kicked off their innaugural hockey issues with killer designs. I could say the same thing for Upper Deck too.

  4. Love that first Pro Set release, and you had a great pack there!