Saturday, April 1, 2017

You've Got Mail #66: 2x3 Heroes

This will be a just a quick post today as I'm doing some spring yard cleanup (including the digging up of what I'm expecting to be two small but pretty stubborn shrubs). While I'm taking a quick break from that, and preparing myself for a fight with said shrubberies, I figured I'd throw together this post of what I received in the mail recently.

Way back over the holidays (gosh, doesn't that seem like forever ago?), everyone's favorite ChiSox fanatic JediJeff was holding his yearly "Tis the Season" giveaway. I laid claim to a lot of 2016 Gypsy Queen and after a delay of many months, it arrived about a week or so ago. By the time you read this, 2017 Gypsy Queen will also be out in stores and shops and everyone (well, most everyone) will be going crazy for it. I still haven't picked any up as my card budget has yet to recover from my recent splurges at the card show and card shops. So, while everyone is fawning over this years GQ, here's a quick look back at last year's offering.

The lot was mostly base cards. Here are six nice ones and three Reds cards I picked out of the lot. I really like the Endier Inciarte card with the red Braves uniform the the patriotic lettering. With the tan frame of last year's cards, anything red seems to just pop.

Jeff was nice enough to throw in some insert cards as well. I had zero of the insert cards until now. Look at the extension of Pillar on the card on the far left. Votto's card looks like it's from a gloomy day at Wrigley. One thing I've noticed about Joey Votto cards is that he's rarely pictured in the home uniform. Not sure why that is. 

More insert cards, this time of the "Walk Off Winners" variety, including an Omar Vizquel Indians card. 

This was the lone Power Alley insert included and even though I'm not a big Yankees fan, I definitely appreciate seeing legends like Lou Gehrig on modern cards. 

Just like I said, a quick post. Thanks to Jeff for offering these up during the giveaway last year. Now, if you'll excuse me, I have two very uncooperative shrubs to dig up.

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