Monday, April 3, 2017

Opening Some Donruss on Opening Day

It's Opening Day today so it only feels natural to rip open some packs.

Since Panini relaunched the Donruss brand back in 2014, I've always enjoyed it. I've been sitting on these five packs for about three weeks now, so it's finally time to tear into them.

The design this year is reminiscent of 1990 Donruss with the name written in script at the top. Of course, since Panini doesn't have an MLB license, the team names and logos are airbrushed out but that really doesn't bother me since the photos they use usually seem to hide that fact. 

Not only are there current players but there are Hall of Famers and retired stars as well, including players you don't see a lot in Topps products like Dave Winfield and Ryne Sandberg.

Since the 2015 issue, Panini has been doing throwbacks to past designs, this year it's 1983. It's not really my favorite design but it's still neat to get these in nearly every pack.

Variations and parallels are strong with this. The Mike Trout card is one of three different versions of his card and Duke Snider is a parallel "cyan back" card although it looks more pink to me.  Have a look below.

See, pink right? Still really cool though regardless of what color you settle on it actually being.

Here are some of the inserts I pulled. Too bad for Cardinals fans that Reyes is out for the year. I really like the Rated Rookie design this year.

Numbered parallels are awesome. I'm leaning toward using these as a base to officially start my "shiny card" side project.

Oh, I got an autograph as well. I'm not exactly sure who Zack Godley is but his numbers last year with Arizona weren't exactly stellar. As usual, I really enjoy Donruss and this is no exception. I'm definitely going to get more of this as I come across it.

Hope everyone enjoys the games today! Baseball season is officially here!


  1. I've busted two jumbo packs of these and really like them. Fun product.

  2. Glad you enjoyed those packs! I'm really finding Donruss to be a fun product to break this year.

  3. Donruss is a fun product this year. The pink back card you have is actually the magenta back parallel. I've seen the cyan backs online and there is definitely a difference.

  4. Ah Zack Godley - he was property of the Cubs at one time, before being traded to AZ for Miguel Montero going into 2015. Nice pull!