Wednesday, February 1, 2017

You've Got Mail #60: San Jose Fuji

It's February and yep, it's still winter. One more cold and snowy month to go until March hits and spring arrives shortly thereafter. Luckily, back around Christmas, Fuji warmed up my mailbox with a package that arrived on Christmas Eve. Yes, that's how behind on trade packages I am. Something that arrived on Christmas Eve, I'm just now getting around to posting about.

I always love it when oddballs are thrown into a trade package, especially random food issues from the early 90s. My family never really bought Jimmy Dean breakfast sausage but on the rare occasion they did, there were baseball cards to be included. Like most oddballs, the uniforms had to be airbrushed. When I got these as a kid, I always wondered how they got the team logo and name off the uniform as I always thought said player wore a generic looking uniform for a day. 

No, you're not seeing double on these 2013 Bowman Platinum cards, they're just different parallels. One is the blue sapphire version and the other is the gold version. I'm not sure which one is the actual base version as stuff like this confuses me. These are really nice cards though and I'll find room in two of my three Reds binders for these.

Retail oddballs are always a guilty pleasure of mine, especially those from defunct chains such as Woolworth. These are from the 1991 Woolworth Baseball Highlights set, a 33-card set meant to highlight the best of the prior season. Nine of the last 11 cards in this set are Reds cards that highlight their unexpected World Series win. My personal favorite is the "celebration" card in the bottom right. Some day though I'll have to go through my cards and do a defunct retail post.

Unfortunately these cards scanned like crap but they are neat inserts called "Golden Idols" from the 1995 Topps Embossed set. I never had these in my original collection but I can definitely say they are unique.

Late 90s die-cut cards! I need to find more of these, especially from this time frame as my collection is sorely lacking in cards from this period.

Despite this being a very baseball heavy package, Fuji also threw in these two Bengals relic cards. As I've mentioned before, my Bengals collecting has slowed to a crawl recently and is going to focus on mainly vintage and current and past stars this year, which means I'm going to be super selective now when buying singles. However, relic cards like this I'm definitely happy to add!

A big thanks goes out to Fuji for all these cards plus the ones I didn't show off. Since I referenced it in the post title, here's a classic song to warm up your winter blues ...

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  1. I'm right there with you. I have three packages that I need to write about... one of which I received a few days before Christmas. Take care buddy.... and stay warm!