Monday, May 2, 2016

Back Packs: Two Packs of 1988 Topps

Happy May everyone! Before diving back into the the Super Traders packages, I thought I would share what I found when I tore into some old 1988 Topps packs I had. These were just taking up space in my "to be sorted box" which I'm slowly starting to whittle down but I felt the need to open them, if nothing else to free up some space.

There was a "team leaders" card in each pack and would you look at that, it's two teams I collect! I know it's a lost art form but it'd be nice if Topps brought these back in the base set in at least some aspect.

Two minor stars in Mike Felder and Mark Langston. Langston pitched for 16 years for the Mariners, Expos, Angels, Padres, and briefly with the Indians. The only other Mike Felder card I have that actually stands out to me is his 1992 Topps card with him in an old-style Giants uniform.

Got a few all-star cards as well, These will most likely find their way into the trade box.

Not a big fan of the Santiago "record breakers" card as it's bright red and just has a gaudy appearance. On the other hand, the base card on the left will slot right into my collection perfectly.

The Reds included in the two packs. Pretty cool to get a card of Terry Francona is his playing days and as a member of the Reds no less.

Finally, two guys who would make one year and done appearances for the Reds in the mid-90s. Fernandez got into 104 games for the Reds in 1994, primarily at third base as Chris Sabo left after the 1993 season. Reardon pitched the 1993 season with the Reds (but without his trademark beard), going 4-6 with a 4.09 ERA in 58 games.

This was a pretty fun rip, although I didn't pull any superstars, I did add a few cards for the personal collection and everything else will be going to the trade bin.


  1. You mention Felder as a minor star - just wondering, how was he a star to you? I'm younger and don't remember him outside of the odd junk wax card so I'm curious if there's a story there.

    1. Not really a story behind it, just the fact that he's someone I remembe from video games and cards as a kid. Compared to the other cards that came out of these packs, he's a minor star ... or at least a recognizable name.