Monday, May 16, 2016

You've Got Mail #29: Bob Walk the Plank

This will be brief as Matt from BWTP hit my mailbox with three cards of awesome last month.

First, this Aroldis Chapman Topps Tribute card. I really like the design on this with the jersey in the shape of a diamond. I'm not sure what type of uniform Chapman has on in the picture but I think it might be one of those uniforms from a Military Appreciation Day or something like that.

Next, this really cool Devin Mesoraco autographed card. It really sucks that Mesoraco is out for the year for the second straight year but Tucker Barnhart has proved to be a more that suitable replacement. I met Mesoraco once at the Reds Caravan during the offseason and he's a really nice dude.

Finally, this really cool Edd Roush Panini card. Look at the serial number ... it's numbered 2/5 which is awesome! I really love old timers on cards like this and this is probably one of my favorites in my collection now.

Matt, thanks a lot for the cards! I'm sorry that the PWE I sent you back in March got lost in the mail. I just sent you a nice package full of Pirates and Penguins. Hopefully that makes it to you in good time.


  1. Glad you liked the cards. Sorry that package got lost. Hopefully it appears at some point.

    1. You should have gotten a nice sized package in the mail today to replace the one that got lost. Hope you enjoy it!