Wednesday, May 25, 2016

You've Got Mail #31: Waiting 'Til Next Year

I'm nearly caught up on Super Trader trade packages at this point, just a few more to go, like this box of awesome from Tom at Waiting 'Til Next Year!

This is going to be long so just bear with me ...

This was my favorite card of the package and just goes to show that you don't need an autograph or a relic to get enjoyment out of cards. The beauty of this is its simplicity, where just a simple shift left or right makes everything move. Simple, yet effective. Also, very reminiscent of the old 3D Kellogg's cards.

Next up a whole giant mess of K-Mart cards. The number of K-Mart stores seems to diminish by the day. The nearest one to me is in Springboro, Ohio (about 30 minutes up the freeway) and is closing down later this summer. You can bet that I'll be there trying to score some cards for next to nothing. Cards from retail chains are always a guilty pleasure of mine and these definitely fit the bill.

Some Griffey Jr. Reds cards! I like the one from Topps 2000 as it's probably his first card as a Red and Topps made sure to get an actual photo of him in a Reds uniform instead of doing some airbrushing. Also, Topps Total next to it. The world needs more bargain sets like that.

Josh Hamilton as a Red. Oh, what could have been if they hadn't traded him away. That Opening Day card looks like a night card as well.

Some nice 1993 Topps cards that I think I was missing, although the Sabo might be a duplicate. Not sure though. I really need to catalog the Reds binder.

More Topps 2000. The more I think about it, the more I like that set.

Some cards of Eric Davis. Check out the one on the right. I'm not exactly sure what's happening with him in that picture but it looks like he's asleep.

Some Swell oddballs that are well ... pretty swell featuring three pretty well known players in Cincinnati circles. Milt Pappas was acquired by the Reds in the Frank Robinson trade, George Foster mashed 52 homers in 1977, and Johnny Vander Meer, the only person to throw back-to-back no hitters.

Also, included were these Team USA cards, both regular and the foil versions seen here. If Jesse Winker (on the left) is going to be ready for the majors next year, the Reds will probably have a nice logjam in the outfield, especially the Adam Duvall has been knocking the cover off the ball this season.

Some more oddballs, this time of the Starting Lineup variety. These cards are always the next best thing if the figures themselves are too pricey for me (and believe me, from the prices I've seen on Starting Lineup figures at some places around here, they definitely are).

Panini Classics is quickly becoming one of my favorite brands to collect. I really like the Tony Perez card and it's him in the old school, sleeveless Reds jersey, the one they had right before the uniform Pete Rose is sporting on the left.

A good collection of Larkin cards were included, these were the best of the batch. I forgot how cool those Upper Deck Ovation cards were with the raised stitching of the baseball.

A couple of youngsters in Tyler Stephenson and Nick Howard. Stephenson's cards are going for a pretty penny on COMC and I refuse to pay a rather large sum for a base card. Getting it in a trade is much better and fits my budge perfectly.

I'll close this out with a dash of Expos cards to add to my ever growing collection of them. 

Tom, I'm not sure what card show bin or card shop you raided but these cards were awesome and definitely filled in some holes for me! Hopefully you don't have to wait until next year (see what I did there?) for a return package from me!

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