Friday, March 4, 2016

You've Got Mail #17: Infield Fly Rule

Besides myself, there is another guy named Adam in the Super Traders group, that being Adam of the Rockies-centric blog Infield Fly Rule. He sent a priority mail box that seemed like it was bursting at the seams when it landed at Casa de Clubhouse.

Let's start off with some 1993 Leaf. The thing that makes these cards stand out for me it is the marble style coloring on the bottom. Jeff Reardon looks really strange without his trademark beard. Smiley and Browning were two solid pitchers for the Reds, well at least Browning was until his arm snapped in 1994 throwing a pitch.

Awesome! A bunch more Barry Larkin cards for my collection! Plus, Leaf and 1993 Donruss, which as I mentioned in a previous post, is probably my favorite Donruss set ever.

Spuds!!! Sabo is one of my favorite Reds of all time. Any Chris Sabo card is a good card and after the 1993 season he jumped to the AL for a few years before coming back for a final year with the Reds. He doesn't get much love in the collecting world either I've noticed but Topps has included him in some recent products.

Hal Morris! This package just keeps getting better and better! Morris was the first baseman of my youth and always stood out to me for his wacky batting stance. 

A couple other random cards that were thrown in. The reason I collect Jeff Brantley is simple, he's a joy to listen to on TV and radio broadcasts.

No we come to the forgotten Reds portion of the program. I have zero recollection of these guys playing for the Reds in the 90s. Juan Samuel is the most notable player here and the photo looks to be from spring training.

Along with the Reds, Adam also sent along a nice mix of old Expos cards. There were some new, some old, and some guys I've never even heard of. These are definitely the best of the batch with some of the Expos biggest names in Tim Raines, Andres Galarraga, and Moises Alou.

Finally, not sure how these found their way into the package but they're definitely appreciated, especially the Palmeiro rookie!

This the second time I've received a trade pack from Adam and he never fails to load it up with great stuff. I'm definitely working on a return package, just waiting for my Rockies stack to get big enough to warrant sending out.