Tuesday, March 22, 2016

You've Got Mail #20: Great Sports Name Hall of Fame

Early last month, Tim from the Great Sports Name Hall of Fame blog reached out and asked if I would be interested in a trade. Not being one to turn down a trade offer, I gladly obliged. A few weeks later a big envelope arrived at my door loaded with lots of fun stuff.

First up, we have Headliners! There are two Jari Kurri figures, Martin Brodeur, Wayne Gretzky, and a Matt Williams. I had to rescue the Brodeur from the clutches of my wife who absconded with it as soon as it fell out of the package. I showed the rest of them to her and her exact reaction was "screw that! Brodeur is the only one that's important!" I had a few of these as a kid at my grandparents house but never saved them when we were cleaning out the house after my grandfather passed a few years ago. These are super cool and I may pick up some more up they're cheap at a flea market or yard sale.

My how the Reds have changed. I remember when Kearns and Dunn were predicted to be centerpieces of the Reds outfield for years in the mid 2000s. More often then not, these three were the primary outfielders for the Reds. Kind of strange that the swatch from Kearns would be next to Griffey's picture though. Also, look at the lineup on the card, that got to be from at least 2003.

Here are couple nice Bengals jersey cards. I think my favorite of these two has to be the Jordan Shipley card.

Speaking of the Bengals, here are few early-90s Bengals. The Munoz card is probably right at the tail end of his career. Now, he appears in commercials for a local furniture store.

Sweet! My first wrestling card received via trade! This looks like it could have been from a magazine. Judging by the photo (and the size of Crush's mullet), this is probably from sometime in 1993. This one goes right into the wrestling binder.

Here's a really cool Devin Mesoraco RC. Despite losing nearly all of last season to a hip injury, he's still one of my favorite players on the Reds. I just hope they don't decide to send him out via a trade this summer. The darker background on this (I'm guessing it's a foil background), really makes him pop out, almost like a 3D effect.

Speaking of foil, these nice hockey cards were included for my defunct teams collection, two Whalers and a Jet. Even though they scanned like crap, this was the best I could do as the picture I took of them wasn't that much better. You'll just have to believe me when I say they look much better in person.

I about fell over when this awesome vintage Killebrew card fell out of the package. I love vintage cards of any player and getting this a trade is awesome, especially since its a pre-Minnesota card for Killebrew. 

Thanks Tim for the great trade package! I know it's taking me a while, but I'll get something out to you when I can.


  1. Great trade! I loved collecting those headline figures when I was young. Tim sent me a couple a few months back, but my daughter claimed them. Now Mario Lemieux sits with the likes of Little Mermaid and Snoopy.

    1. Lol! It's good to hear Mario is in good hands.

  2. Austin Kearns might have been a mainstay in the Reds outfield, but he also seemed to be a mainstay in Cubs trade rumors. For a while there, it seemed like GM Jim Hendry had a giant man-crush on the guy.

  3. Glad you liked the stuff! The Crush is actually from a 1994 Good Humor ice cream package - I bought a ton from the ice cream man that Summer and hand cut all the cards (I was 8 lol). I collect them, but I had three of the Crush so I figured I could spare one. Super fun set.