Friday, February 9, 2018

You've Got Mail #78: Bump and Run Cards

It's always nice to come home to cards in the mail and that's exactly what happened while back when there was a surprise PWE on the kitchen counter from Trevor over at Bump and Run Cards. It was nice to see something from Trevor as it's been a while since he and I have exchanged cards.

A few Gypsy Queen cards from last year, including one of those green retail parallels of Carlos Santana, who sadly departed Cleveland for Philadelphia this off season. The Dan Straily card is one of the few cards I have of him with the Reds. They definitely bought low and sold high on him when they traded him to Miami before the 2017 season and got back three good prospects in return. Suarez has some competition coming to him for third as Nick Senzel is quickly climbing the ranks.

And here's a random batch that just happens to include my first Nick Senzel card. Anthony DeSclafani (or, as I call him "Tony Disco") missed all of last year. Starting pitching has really been a sore spot for the Reds the past few years. Here's hoping that most of the starters can stay healthy for a while.

A few cards of Hal Morris manning first base. One of my goals in 2018 is to find non-Reds cards of him to add some variety to my PC of his.

But here's the real star of the envelope .... buybacks!! The note that was included stated that he'd been sitting on these since last March! Buybacks have become my new favorite thing to collect and give otherwise forgotten commons from the 80s and 90s a new lease on life. Apparently at some point I staked a claim on the Charlie Hayes card but I'd long since forgotten about it. Kudos to you, Trevor, for remembering it. Also, thanks for the surprise envelope! There will be some Packers cards headed your way soon.

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