Monday, June 18, 2018

Taking the Scenic Route

Everyone's favorite White Sox blogger, Jeff of 2x3 Heroes, is in the midst of sending out his annual "Tis the Season" packages. I was excited when I got my notification from the USPS that the package was on the way and it would be delivered in a few days. Well, after a few days, no package. I checked the tracking online and it simply said "in route to distribution center". Then, a few days later, the package popped up in L.A., then after a day or so in L.A. it made its way to San Francisco, and finally, after about 10 days of criss-crossing the country, a small priority mail box finally landed on my doorstep. To be honest, I'd kind of forgotten what I'd claimed in the annual year-end give away but it turns out the box contained a ton of hockey cards from all over the place.

The note from Jeff said I took a bunch of "meh hits" off his hands. These are some swell looking hits and I'm glad they're more jersey cards than autograph cards. If you can't make out who the players are on these three it's Ales Hemsky, Roman Horak, and Justin Schultz, unfortunately three names that aren't all that familiar to me.

One name that is familiar to me though is Rick Nash. Nash was the first player selected overall in the 2002 draft and could probably be classified at the first "homegrown" star of the Blue Jackets. 

This card is probably my favorite of the jersey cards included in the box. Glenn Anderson was part of the Oilers dynasty in the 1980s and early 90s where he won five Stanley Cups with the team and made four All-Star teams. He also won a Cup with the Rangers in 1994 and was inducted into the Hall of Fame as a player in 2008.

Relic cards though weren't the only thing that Jeff included. He also put a huge dent in my team collections for hockey. There were six "team packs" in the box and each one was loaded with all kinds of miscellaneous odds and ends. I'll show some highlights.

First, a nice lot of Blue Jackets. Of all my team I follow, the Blue Jackets are the ones I honestly watched the least of last season.

Some nice Devils including a pair of Jagr's. One can never have too many Jagr cards. Too bad it looks like he might be done in the NHL for the forseeable future. Speaking of which, I'm on the lookout for the lone card he had with the Flames from the Upper Deck main set.

More Devils and some mid-90s action with Brodeur and Stevens.

Old school Oilers!

And also some newer ones. 

My Calgary Flames collection really got a nice boost.

My Shane Doan collection for the Coyotes pretty much tripled in size. Also, there were some Jeremy Roenick cards with the really, really old Coyotes uniform.

Team collections aside, there was a nice mixed bag of cards too with these Artifacts and Score cards. I never really buy much in the way of late season hockey releases so adding cards from Artifacts is very nice. The picture really doesn't do them justice.

There was also a really good grouping of 2016-17 Upper Deck, of which I had none in the collection. That'll also put the bow on this giant box of cards as well. Now, I just have to find the time to get them filed away.

Saturday, June 16, 2018

The Yard Sale Cards: Wrestling

This weekend just happens to be a big weekend in the world of WWE with both NXT Takeover and Money in the Bank happening in Chicago. The Money in the Bank event over the last few years has sort of begun to fill the void of a mega-event in between WrestleMania (March/April) and SummerSlam (mid/late August), a spot that was held in the 90s by King of the Ring. I figured this would be as good a time as any to show off some of the wrestling cards from the yard sale lot.

Speaking of WrestleMania, I'll start with these 1993 Coliseum Video WrestleMania tear off cards. As with most Coliseum Video stuff from this time, these were most likely handed out as free gifts when you rented a WWF tape. 

Not only were there the loose cards, but there were also some of the panels still in tact. If the prices for the uncut panels on COMC and eBay are to be believed, then I could probably sell some of my extras off and cover my yard sale costs.

Next up are some postcards from Coliseum Video. In addition to the Bret Hart and Crush postcards, there are also Hulk Hogan, Randy Savage, Undertaker, and Steiner Brothers cards as part of the six card set.

These cards are tiny but they're cool. Again these were distributed by Coliseum Video. I've got four of the five cards in the set, the only thing missing is the Undertaker card.

Here are some stickers. These look like they're more recent, as in possibly released in 1994, as opposed to 1993 like most everything else was so far.

There were a ton, I mean a TON of duplicates of this five card Bret Hart set that chronicles both his tournament win at King of the Ring 1993 and his WWF title win at WrestleMania X. Interestingly enough, these are not in chronological order. 

Moving on from the Coliseum Video cards, there was also a good amount of variety featuring the sets put out by Classic in the early 90s. This blue bordered set was the last set that Classic produced from 1991. I think my two favorite cards here are the Ricky Steamboat card which captures him breathing fire and the Sensational Sherri card right next to it in which she looks like an extra from the set of CATS.

Classic only made WWF sets for three years, 1989, 1990, and 1991. These cards are from the inaugural 1989 set. I still forget some times that Barry Windham had a very brief WWF run in 1989.

These cards look like they're tear outs from the WWF Magazine and after a bit of research on TCDB, it turns out that the Jim Ross card is. The other cards I can't find any record of on quick search on TCDB, COMC, or eBay. I might have to do some more digging to see what I can find.

WWF cards weren't the only thing included. There was also a good amount of WCW cards from the early 90s, back when WCW wasn't exactly at the top of its form. These are from the 1991 Impel WCW set and if I can remember correctly, after I sorted them I think I came up about 10-12 cards short of a full set.

These black border cards are also from 1991 but were put out by Championship Marketing. I've seen the Impel ones numerous times and while they're kind of funky and have that 90s vibe, these definitely seem a bit more on the serious side. I think the black borders give them an edgier feel and the photography doesn't seem as cheesy as well.

Also, here's a set I wasn't aware of until I pulled the cards out of the box, that being this 1995 CARDZ WCW set. I really, really like it but I think my favorite part of the set has to be the cards of the pay-per-view posters. Those are super cool. 

This box provided a nice array and some new and definitely unique additions to my wrestling card collection. Who knew there were so many WWF oddball cards in the mid-90s? The WCW Impel cards I could've lived without but still, if I can complete the set, I'll probably binder it up but it's not a priority. Hope everyone enjoys the wrestling this weekend!

Wednesday, June 13, 2018



That's what my wife said when a rather large box from P-Town Tom landed on my doorstep a few weeks ago. It was warned by Tom ahead of time that this would include a load of junk wax and while it did, I'll try to spare you most of that (1990 Donruss, 1989 Topps, etc.) aside from a few interesting cards I pulled out to share. I'll take a break from the yard sale cards and show some of the highlights. The main point of this will be to touch on some of the more cool stuff that was included in the box. 

First off, some oddballs. I gave a recap of the K-Mart cards in my last post but Jimmy Dean produced a handful of different sets from 1991-1993, including this Barry Larkin card from the initial offering. From what I can remember, these were found in boxes of frozen breakfast sandwiches. The set itself was a 25-card set with the top stars of the day.

One of my new favorite things is getting cards from the early to mid-80s, especially for Reds players I'm not familiar with like Sheldon Burnside, who is featured on the 1981 Fleer card. That's a set I really don't have a whole lot of and doesn't seem to pop up in singles bins very often. I do see 1981 Donruss but not much of 1981 Fleer (or 1981 Topps for that matter). 

1982 Topps! I'm still waiting to get some time to dig through the box of 1982 cards I have. Probably at some point too I might start building the set but not sure. Despite the fact that Concepcion and Soto were holdovers from the 1970s Reds teams, the 1982 team was the only team in Reds history to lose 100 games (61-101) although this year's squad is in contention to be the second team to do that.

Speaking of Reds from the 1970s, there were some unexpected vintage cards which are always appreciated. 

Here's something I was really excited to find ... a 1986 Donruss Paul O'Neill rookie card. This is a card I didn't know I was searching for until I actually had it in my hands after pulling it out of the box. After looking it up, it appears this is his only official rookie card, aside from a 1986 Fleer card that he shares with Kal Daniels. O'Neill's first Topps card didn't show up until 1988.

Here's a bunch of miscellaneous cards that really don't fit any other group. First there are some cool 1953 reprints and then a handful of early 90s stuff.

Early 2000s stuff is something I don't have a lot of either. I've always like both of these Topps sets, especially the 2000 one which came in right around the time that I started to fall out of collecting. The last actual set I remember getting cards from when my initial foray into collecting ended was the 2001 Topps set and so getting cards from this time is really something cool, especially when it's late career Barry Larkin cards like this.

The background on these Metal cards are pretty cool.

A couple of the 60 Years inserts from the 2011 set. 

And finally, a few newer base cards, including two Todd Frazier cards, one 2011 RC and one 2013 with the Rookie cup on it.

Of course, being the multi-faceted team collector that I am, Tom sent over a boatload of Indians cards as well. Here's some more vintage, including Fred Kendall with both a serious mustache and a serious catching glove. Paul Dade looks unimpressed.

I mentioned 1981 Topps earlier and here are a couple Indians from that set, pitcher Wayne Garland, who kid of looks like my friends dad, and first baseman and future Tribe manager Mike Hargrove. The highlight of the Indians season that year was hosting the All-Star game, which turned out to be the first baseball related thing that happened after the mid-season strike was settled.

More 1982 Topps. 

There were also a nice dozen of 1980 Topps cards from the Indians, only one of which was a duplicate. Among these, a few interesting notes. First, look at the Rick Manning card and tell me that isn't the exact same picture on his 1982 card from above. Also, note the card of David Clyde, which just also happens to be his sunset card. Clyde was a pitching phenom for his hometown Rangers that flamed out after the 1974 season. He pitched one game for Texas in 1975, injured his shoulder, and didn't resurface in the majors until 1978 with Cleveland, with whom he spent the 1978 and 1979 seasons and then was out of the majors again. 

Some mid-80s fun. I'm curious what pipe that is behind Broderick Perkins.

As with the Reds cards, I also tried to skip over the majority of the junk wax cards but I couldn't resist showing these off. I always forget about Jeff Shaw but he was a pretty decent closer for the Reds and Indians. However, the one card that got me here was the manager card of John Hart, who managed the Indians for a whole 19 games at the end of the 1989 season but was the general manager for the Indians run of dominance over the AL Central in the 90s.

More of the Metal Universe cards. I like how the backgrounds are different on these compared to the Reds cards as they definitely have a more industrial feel, for lack of a better term. 

And now, to put a bow on this mega box from Tom, a few Indians randoms including a team card from 2011 Topps, a Sandy Alomar Jr All-Star Heroes card, and Jim Thome enjoying a refreshing bottle of water, which is what I need after going through all these cards. I appreciate Tom sending these over and I hope it helped him clear out some room in his collection. I know it definitely filled some holes in mine.