Wednesday, June 1, 2016

You've Got Mail #33: Wes (jaybarkerfan) - Part 1

I'm still sorting through the epic yard sale find from a few weeks ago so while I'm doing that, I've got a few Supertrader packages left in in the backlog so I'll plow through those before showing off the yard sale goodies.

JBF sent not one, but two packages out before stepping down as the team rep for the Braves in the Supertraders group (quick aside: someone needs to hit me up via email with the contact info and address for Johnny's Trading Spot please). There was so much madness and chaos contained within that it'll be hard to contain it to one post.

So, with this post, it'll be focused on the "hits" included, next part will just be base cards.

The scan of this card got all messed up but you get the general idea. It's a Giovani Bernard shadowbox style RC numbered 32/50. I'm looking forward to seeing how the Bengals bounce back this fall after a disastrous, self-imploding exit from the playoffs last year.

This Cueto card is pretty sweet. It's still strange to see him in a different uniform, especially for the dreaded Giants. I think the Reds could have definitely afforded him if they hadn't wasted a giant amount of money on Homer Bailey.

Some more Bengals hits. Yeah, the Mario Alford is another one of those shadowbox style cards, but my favorite has to be the Tyler Eifert card. Yes, it's just a normal plain white swatch but I really like the background design on it. Sometimes the beauty is in simplicity.

Another batch of Reds hits. Heisey never really got going as a reserve outfielder and has bounced around a bit since the Reds traded him off to the Dodgers for Matt Magill. The Sauer card not only my second card that has a Crosley Field relic in it but it's also my second Hank Sauer card. The Votto card is from this years Donruss, which so far is my favorite release this year.

Finally, Wes had offered up a bunch of cards for the taking earlier this year and I claimed these Wally Szczerbiak cards. While I'm not much of a basketball collector, I will grab cards I think are cool here and there. Szczerbiak went to school and was a college star 20 minutes down the road from me at Miami of Ohio, so I claimed these since he's a local guy.

Part 2 of the awesome envelope coming up soon!

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