Sunday, June 26, 2016

Card Show Report Pt. 2: Miscellaneous Baseball

Along with the 2016 cards I detailed in part 1 of this report, I grabbed a bunch of recent stuff of all from the bargain bins. There was more I wanted to get but I didn't want to get cards just for the sake of getting cards. All of these cost less than a dollar each.

A couple framed Gypsy Queen parallels of Frank Robinson and Steve Carlton from years past. I always like it when I can find cool stuff of Hall of Famers in the bargain bin and these definitely fit the mold. The Robinson card is a real beauty.

I generally don't buy Babe Ruth cards. Nothing against the guy but most of his cards really don't fit my collection. However, this particular card has him as a member of the Boston Braves and that's something that seems to be not necessarily an easy find. One of my side collections is cards of players with teams you don't normally associate them with. Speaking of which, the Griffey card has him in a Mariners uniform but listed as a member of the White Sox so that's a bit strange.

A few random cards from the early to mid 1980s. Getting the Hrbek RC for about 75 cents was a pretty fun find. The Seaver card scanned like crap but it's a Sportflics card so it's about what I expected. 

These Gypsy Queen base cards came from the same guy that I picked up the majority of my 2016 singles from that I detailed in part 1. Can't beat 10 cents a piece for some hall of famers!

Now we come to the two really awesome finds from the bargain bins. First was this Anthony Rizzo sepia parallel from last year's Topps Chrome. This came from a box where a guy said all cards in the box were 50 cents each. This is the first one of these sepia toned parallels I have in my collection and, honestly, their pretty cool. Am I going to actively go out of my way to collect them? No. Will I jump on one of a star player found in a bargain bin? Absolutely!

This card is by far the gem of my bargain bin searching. It came out of the same bin from the same seller that had the Rizzo card above. High end stuff like Museum Collection, Triple Threats, etc is way out of my price range but should the odd card find it's way into a 50 cent bin, I'm all over it, plus its Willie Mays so it makes it that much better. I love how the background is all black and while but Mays is completely in color, makes it really stand out. 

This wasn't a bad haul of cards at all but wait ... there's more. Part 3 coming up soon featuring nothing but vintage!


  1. That Griffey is quite strange, especially since he was acquired by the Sox from the Reds and his second stint with the Mariners wasn't until after he played in Chicago. Hmmmm...

  2. Nice Rizzo! That was a steal at 50 cents.