Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Card Show Report Pt. 3: Time Traveling With Some Vintage

Vintage cards were in plentiful supply at the card show as most dealers had some to offer. Some were good, but there were a lot of commons of older players I'd never heard of before in most of the vintage bins. However, being the deal seeker that I am, I did manage to score a nice lot. For the record, none of these cards cost over a dollar each.

I'll start with this, a very forlorn looking Dixie Howell from 1956 Topps. Anything from the 1950s for me instantly goes into a top loader and into my box of "good stuff" which is filling up pretty fast. I think I might need to transfer some of that stuff into a binder. Anyway, the first table I passed had nothing but vintage bargain bins with the deal of $1 each or 6 for $5. I dug through and instantly saw it was nothing but players I've never heard of. However, I pressed on and dug out this and five other cards which you'll see later in this post. It's in pretty good shape too for being 60 years old

All of the 1973 cards below came from the same person that I've mentioned in other parts of this series who had the 2016 dime boxes. He had two and a half rows of random cards from the mid to late 70s for 25 cents each. I can't pass that up. The '73 set is my second favorite of the decade, next to 1971, so I cleaned up on these.

A bunch of fun players from future Blue Jays manager Cito Gaston to long time Astros player/manager/broadcaster Larry Dierker. I think the gem for me in this batch is the Buddy Bell card with the rookie cup.

I enjoy digging out random cards like these from vintage bargain bins as well. Anytime I can find Vada Pinson cards for cheap, I'll gladly jump on them. A few players here with classic nicknames such as "Blue Moon" Odom and "The Mad Hungarian" Al Hrabosky.

I forget exactly who I snagged these from but they were a buck each. Even though the Frank Robinson is well loved, it's still a pretty cool card of Robinson who was entering the twilight of his career. I was thrilled when I found the Joe Morgan card for cheap, considering his stuff sometime suffers from the hometown price hike since he was a key member of the Big Red Machine.

These four I snagged from the same guy I got the Dixie Howell card that I started this section off with. Gil Hodges is totally mean mugging the camera for some reason. Osteen I've never heard of but it's a early 60s Senators card for a buck, which I'll gladly take. My favorite here and the nice scores of classic A's players from the early 70s dynasty, especially with Vida Blue and Gene Tenace on the same card. I really like the Odom card, the photo is so strange with all the water towers behind him. 

This last batch of vintage came from a guy who had a small box on his table of random 70s stuff for 25 cents each. I dug through and came up with these beauties. I'll take that deal any day of the week. The 71 cards pretty much met my quota of all the 71 cards I want that I don't have to shell out big bucks for.

Definitely a great haul of vintage stuff. The final part featuring all of the non-baseball stuff is coming up soon. Stay close.


  1. Vintage for less than a buck! Congrats

  2. I'm not much of a set builder, but if I was, I think '73 Topps might be one of the first sets I'd chase. So many great shots, and the Sandy Alomar has always been one of my personal favorites from the set.

  3. That was pretty good price on that Blue/Tenace rookie card. Have you officially started working on the '73 set yet?

    1. I'm actually not going after the '73 set, it's not within my budget. However, I do grab cards players with a bit of name value

  4. Wow, nice haul! The Hodges is my fave of the bunch (obviously!), but that '74 Robinson is awesome. I gotta find a cheap copy of that for my collection one of these days.