Sunday, May 29, 2016

You've Got Mail #32: The Chronicles of Fuji

Moving along in the great trade package catch-up game from the Super Trader group! To show you exactly how far behind I am, this package from Fuji arrived on Opening Day and tomorrow is Memorial Day.

Before diving it, it can't be a package from Fuji either without hit custom card! My wife thought this was really cool, mainly because it's in the style of a South Park character. 

I'm not sure how many Reds are in the Hometown Heroes set but I've got to be approaching the team set. Between this, the mailer from Douglas (which I'll post about soon) and a couple others, I think I've got it covered. That being said, dupes are not a bad thing and and I revamp my player collections, they will be included.

Edinson Volquez, what could have been. I think most Reds fans are still sore about the trade that shipped him and three others off to San Diego for Mat Latos. While we got a few solid years out of Latos, Volquez has turned his career around after bouncing around for a few years and won a ring last year with Kansas City, ironically teaming up in the rotation with Johnny Cueto. That could have been the Reds with Cueto and Volquez as a deadly 1-2 punch!  

I could be wrong but I believe this is my first Topps Gallery card and it appears to be some sort of shiny parallel (ooh, shiny objects!) Regardless, this is a really neat card and a fantastic piece of artwork. I need to decide, does it go with my box of "good stuff" or get placed with the growing mountain of cards that needs to be loaded into a binder.

Panini Cooperstown! These are so cool, especially old Edd Roush on the bottom there. Any old vintage guys on newer products is a-ok in my book.

I'll close this out with a nice variety of stuff. I've really, really tried to forget the horrible experiment that was the reclamation of Jason Marquis last year. However, judging by this years pitching staff, it would probably somewhat welcome. There's also a green parallel of one of my favorite Todd Frazier cards, next to that a simple base card to add to my Bronson Arroyo PC, and finally a something I had no clue that existed, that being a Reds card of wacky relieved extraordinare Kent Tekulve!

Thanks for the great stuff Fuji! I see more cards coming your way this summer.

Hope everyone has a great Memorial Day weekend!

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  1. I'm glad...
    a. the package arrive safely
    b. that I'm not the only one behind on Super Trader packages

    Enjoy your holiday weekend!