Thursday, May 12, 2016

A Bargain on Bowman!

The family and I stopped at Target the other day for some odds and ends for the yard including some hedge clippers so I can chop down two ugly thorn bushes in front of the house and dig them up. As I usually do at Target, I made a quick gander at the card aisle and found the new Bowman value packs hanging on a price tag that said $4.99. Quickly, I snatched two of them and headed for the check out with all the other items we got. Upon checkout, the cards rang up at $9.49 each. I showed the cashier that the price on the shelf was $4.99, he checked with his supervisor, and ... magic! I got two Bowman value packs for $4.99 each!

I suppose I should show some of what was in the packs right?

Each pack contained three of these yellow parallel cards. The best one here by far is Yoan Moncada. I'm not honestly too sure about any of the other prospects

More prospects! This time of the chrome variety! I'm not too much of a prospect person but these are pretty cool and you get a decent amount of them per value pack. I did get one of the retro prospect inserts with the Jeff Bagwell card which will find a home in the collection, as will the Amir Garrett card, who just happens to be one of the Reds top pitching prospects.

Here are the two different base card designs. One thing I definitely like about this year's Bowman is that the prospect cards and the regular cards have different looks. Some of the prospect cards may find their way in some future super trader packs but most of the regular base cards I'll be keeping for myself, especially the Francisco Lindor card show above.

Well, that was a fun rip. Even better due to the fact that I got them for half price! Now, if you'll excuse me, time to go fight with the aforementioned thorn bushes.

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  1. Great deal! BTW, Ozzie Albies is also a top notch prospect. He was killing Double-A and was recently promoted to Triple-A. With the way the Braves are going, he is destined for Atlanta before too long.