Thursday, May 5, 2016

You've Got Mail #27: I Love the Smell of Cardboard in the Morning

Just over a month ago, I got this nifty little package from Tim at I Love the Smell of Cardboard in the Morning on a Saturday which had gotten off to a horrible start earlier that morning. Our tankless water heater had fried overnight and had to be replaced completely, which meant we were without hot water for a few days. Getting this package from Tim definitely helped turn the tide of the day in a positive direction.

Even though it didn't scan very well, I'll start with this which was by far my favorite card of the batch and something that I didn't even know existed until Tim unleashed it upon me. This particular card is from Coliseum Video, the distributor of WWF videos from the mid-80s through 1997. I can't thank Tim enough for this card and it will definitely have a good home here in my wrestling binder, or it may go in a top loader and hang out with all my other "good cards". Not sure yet.

The fun didn't stop there. There was this ultra thick Darqueze Dennard autograph card from the Bowman Sterling line. This card is so thick, I had to store it in a team bag until I could get to the card shop and buy a snap case for it.

Cards of Ken Griffey Jr. as a Red are few and far between in my collection. Sure, his production faltered and his star faded a bit after joining the Reds but still, when he was a member of the team it was really cool. 

Barry Larkin cards are always welcomed as well and these definitely fill a huge gap from a time I wasn't collection.

There was also a nice assortment of random Reds and Bengals cards thrown in for good measure although I would have been completely happy with the aforementioned Griffeys, Larkins, the Dennard auto and the WWF card. However, the one I really like in this batch is the the Mike Leake card as it's a Chrome refractor of some sort and goes good with the regular Topps issue I have of the same card. 

A big thanks to Tim for the package and for making an otherwise crappy day that much better!


  1. I guess that would classify as a Wrestling oddball. That is a cool card!

    1. That would be a good way to classify it.

  2. Love that Pickens pickin' the air guitar.

  3. So glad that you enjoyed the cards Adam. I'll have more to send your way soon!