Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Reds and Donruss from Tom

Recently, P-Town Tom at the "Waiting for Next Year" blog offered up a ton of junk wax to any suspecting victims. While there was a lot available, there was nothing really notable that interested me or that I didn't already have. I did, however, email Tom and ask about 87 Donruss and 94 Topps. While there were no 94 Topps to be had, Tom did have a handful of 87 Donruss he bestowed upon me along with some other Reds cards.

Before I get to the Donruss, I'll mention the Reds cards. First up, there's this 1969 Topps Deckle Edge Tommy Helms cards. Vintage is always welcome in trade mail and it's oddball-ish vintage as well.

There were also a handful of other Reds. I'll have to check and see if any of these are dupes. I don't think the Larkin is surprisingly enough. The rest I don't recall. My organization of base cards is horrible.

When Tom told me what was available, he just listed card numbers. I didn't bother to check to see who they were as I wanted to be surprised. One thing I've always liked about 1987 Donruss is the black borders with the random baseball design on the sides. 80s Donruss in general is always cool because they used the full team logo. Anyway, highlights of this batch are the middle row of Gene Garber, Andy McGaffigan (points for the white Expos uniform), and of course, Dennis Eckersley.

This batch isn't as impressive as the last but there are still appearances by Mike Krukow, Ozzie Guillen, Lonnie Smith, and Alan Trammell.

Thanks to Tom for sending these over. Lots of new 87 Donruss to add and some new Reds cards as well.


  1. Sorry I couldn't help out more. I would have loved to have lightened my stock of cards even more!

  2. Good cards. Always liked Gene Garber as a Brave. Side arm guys were easy to like just because it looked cool. Good post.

  3. Just found this blog. My name is Tom Cassidy. I have a lot of 1984 topps, old Reds, say late 70's to 90. Quite a few of those box sets including Quaker Oats. Let me go through some stuff and I will let you know what I find