Sunday, July 14, 2019

Cleaning Up at the Card (and Video) Shops

I finally had a bit of down time this weekend. The family and I went to visit my mom and my aunt who was staying with her as she was in visiting from Tulsa. We went out and about yesterday, had lunch, took the kids out and got them toys and school supplies for my oldest. Then we dropped the kids off at my moms and then back out on another excursion, this time to two of my favorite places in Dayton, Mavericks Cards and Comics and then GameSwap Kettering.

I looked around Mavericks for a bit, saw a few interesting things but then I came across a dime box, which is a rarity for them. I dug through the box and it was mostly Topps and Bowman base cards from this year and last year but I did manage to find a number of good cards, 35 in fact, that I need to scan in. To save space here, I'll cover them in a future post.

 In addition to the dime box cards, I nabbed the last five packs of Gypsy Queen. You never know what'll be left in the box when there's just a few packs left. I'll take my chances on these and open them up soon.

After Maverick's, I headed a few doors down to GameSwap. I've mentioned it before but GameSwap is a super cool place with movies, VHS tapes, arcade games, and all kids of other miscellaneous stuff. Think of it as a tribute to a video store. I need to do a post on them someday. Anyway, I always like to check out their VHS section for old wrestling tapes and I found two good ones.

WCW tapes are extremely hard to come by and usually when I do find them, they've got a serious markup on them. This tape of WCW Uncensored from March of 1999 was only four bucks. 

They also had the pay-per-view event that followed it, Spring Stampede, for five bucks. This is a pretty notable show in that it featured DDP's first WCW world title win.

I also took a gander around the DVDs and Blu-Rays. They didn't have any of the movies on my want list but I did happen across this WWE Blu-ray from a few years ago. I picked it up from the local library when it came out and I really, really enjoyed it. For eight bucks, I couldn't pass this up either.

Finally, I noticed these at checkout. I was like "wait, you have Fright Flicks cards?!" I had to grab a two packs to put towards my set build. Plus these cards are just plain fun to open anyway.

As I mentioned, I'm working on scanning the dime box cards from Maverick's and I'll have a post up about those soon! I'll also share the contents of the Gypsy Queen packs and Fright Flicks packs in future posts as well. The Fright Flicks packs might wait until closer to Halloween and as I might go grab a few more between now and then, if they have any left.


  1. Can't wait to see what you pulled in your Fright Flicks packs!

  2. Very nice. Have to be honest, the video shop caught my eye more than the card shop. I think I have the In Your House one on DVD. Jealous you found some WCW VHS.

  3. Those Fright Flicks cards look awesome. I didn't even know they existed.

  4. Yeah, those Flight Flicks packs looks super cool!

  5. Super jealous of those Fright Flicks packs. I've seen singles here and there. Keep hoping I'll one day stumble across a complete set at a flea market or card show.

  6. Great pick ups. Can't wait to see your pulls. Fright Flicks packs look fun.

  7. This video store sounds like my kind of place! Seeing these WCW tapes takes me back to the days when I was still obsessed with professional wrestling, the late 90's to be more specific. I had a huge video collection by that time, and was always on the lookout for tapes that I didn't have, and it seems like by about '98 or '99, all I ever came across (on the secondary market) was mid to late 90's WCW tapes. For the most part these shows were not very good, a lot of the matches were subpar, but for a couple of bucks apiece I would begrudgingly buy them -- glad I did too, because years later when I lost interest in wrestling and went ahead and sold almost everything, a lost of those WCW videos had gone up considerably in price :)