Saturday, June 16, 2018

The Yard Sale Cards: Wrestling

This weekend just happens to be a big weekend in the world of WWE with both NXT Takeover and Money in the Bank happening in Chicago. The Money in the Bank event over the last few years has sort of begun to fill the void of a mega-event in between WrestleMania (March/April) and SummerSlam (mid/late August), a spot that was held in the 90s by King of the Ring. I figured this would be as good a time as any to show off some of the wrestling cards from the yard sale lot.

Speaking of WrestleMania, I'll start with these 1993 Coliseum Video WrestleMania tear off cards. As with most Coliseum Video stuff from this time, these were most likely handed out as free gifts when you rented a WWF tape. 

Not only were there the loose cards, but there were also some of the panels still in tact. If the prices for the uncut panels on COMC and eBay are to be believed, then I could probably sell some of my extras off and cover my yard sale costs.

Next up are some postcards from Coliseum Video. In addition to the Bret Hart and Crush postcards, there are also Hulk Hogan, Randy Savage, Undertaker, and Steiner Brothers cards as part of the six card set.

These cards are tiny but they're cool. Again these were distributed by Coliseum Video. I've got four of the five cards in the set, the only thing missing is the Undertaker card.

Here are some stickers. These look like they're more recent, as in possibly released in 1994, as opposed to 1993 like most everything else was so far.

There were a ton, I mean a TON of duplicates of this five card Bret Hart set that chronicles both his tournament win at King of the Ring 1993 and his WWF title win at WrestleMania X. Interestingly enough, these are not in chronological order. 

Moving on from the Coliseum Video cards, there was also a good amount of variety featuring the sets put out by Classic in the early 90s. This blue bordered set was the last set that Classic produced from 1991. I think my two favorite cards here are the Ricky Steamboat card which captures him breathing fire and the Sensational Sherri card right next to it in which she looks like an extra from the set of CATS.

Classic only made WWF sets for three years, 1989, 1990, and 1991. These cards are from the inaugural 1989 set. I still forget some times that Barry Windham had a very brief WWF run in 1989.

These cards look like they're tear outs from the WWF Magazine and after a bit of research on TCDB, it turns out that the Jim Ross card is. The other cards I can't find any record of on quick search on TCDB, COMC, or eBay. I might have to do some more digging to see what I can find.

WWF cards weren't the only thing included. There was also a good amount of WCW cards from the early 90s, back when WCW wasn't exactly at the top of its form. These are from the 1991 Impel WCW set and if I can remember correctly, after I sorted them I think I came up about 10-12 cards short of a full set.

These black border cards are also from 1991 but were put out by Championship Marketing. I've seen the Impel ones numerous times and while they're kind of funky and have that 90s vibe, these definitely seem a bit more on the serious side. I think the black borders give them an edgier feel and the photography doesn't seem as cheesy as well.

Also, here's a set I wasn't aware of until I pulled the cards out of the box, that being this 1995 CARDZ WCW set. I really, really like it but I think my favorite part of the set has to be the cards of the pay-per-view posters. Those are super cool. 

This box provided a nice array and some new and definitely unique additions to my wrestling card collection. Who knew there were so many WWF oddball cards in the mid-90s? The WCW Impel cards I could've lived without but still, if I can complete the set, I'll probably binder it up but it's not a priority. Hope everyone enjoys the wrestling this weekend!


  1. Oh wow! Those are some nice early 1990s cards. Like you said, they are definitely oddball for sure. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I thought the Main Event cards were from 1995? I always wanted cards from that set, but have never gotten any. Overall those are some nice cards you got. I remember the WCW Impel cards as a kid I got a box or two for Christmas. One day I'll buy a box again.

    As for the one set you can't find, is it possible they were also from Coliseum maybe for U.K. releases? At first I was thinking there maybe were packed in a food product like the ice cream bars, but I wouldn't think they'd have perforated edges. Or possibly maybe they were from action figures, but again the edges throw me off.

    Thanks for sharing, and have a great wrestling weekend.

    1. They are! I actually noticed my typo on that and fixed it as soon as you posted your comment. I'm planning on doing further research on those other cards and I'll keep everyone posted.

  3. Great stuff Adam! I think the cards you can't identify are from the 1990 Ice Cream set. Check out this database:

  4. Very nice yard sale find. I don't watch WWE anymore... but back in the 80's and early 90's, I couldn't wait to see it on television. I've never seen those Coliseum cards before... but they're awesome. Not sure if Steamboat or Mr. Fuji was featured on any... but if they were, I'll have to track down copies for my collection.