Sunday, June 24, 2018

A Sampling of Series 2

Well, I did it. I bit the bullet and bought a few packs of Series 2. Was it what I wanted to buy? Not really. I went to the card shop over Father's Day weekend since I needed some more storage supplies and while I was there I took a look at the pack selection. Most everything I was interested in (Gypsy Queen, Heritage, etc.) was about eight bucks a pack. I asked why and got back a one word answer ... Ohtani. I settled for a handful of packs of Series 2 then and a couple WWE packs (which were a complete bust), and a Pokemon pack for my five-year-old. When I got the chance to finally tear into these, I had pretty low expectations.

A few random base cards, picked mainly for the photography and the colorful aspect of the cards. I still really do like the 2018 design.

Some really cool horizontal cards. One thing I've always liked about Nationals cards are they way the pictures really stand out with their home uniforms.

A gold parallel of Taijuan Walker. If you look at this long enough then you'll notice that he kind of pops out of the background a little bit.

Four more cards ... two Reds I needed, an Andrew Benintendi Future Stars card, and Yonder Alonso who's having a pretty decent year for the upstate Indians. 

Now the inserts, got these three 1983 style All-Star cards. Not bad and I don't mind the little tribute to the 1983 set.

And a few other inserts. I really like the Throwback Jerseys insert and was even happier when it was an Adam Duvall card that I got. Also, still not a big fan of Ryan Braun but I'll be hanging onto this card for now at least.

As for Series 2 as a whole, it's pretty much everything you expect, basic card that won't break the bank, good photography, decent inserts. My one major issue this year with the flagship line is that they stopped the buybacks and the First Pitch inserts dead in their tracks. Those were some of my favorites from the past few years, especially the buybacks once I came to appreciate them. Anyway, will I be buying more Series 2? Maybe if I'm at the card shop and have the itch to get some more packs but I won't be going the retail route. I'll save that for my Hertiage, GQ, and all the other cards that get marked up at the shop.


  1. Nice action shot on the Heredia!

  2. The Walker gold is pretty cool. I probably won't buy more than a pack or two but I do plan to collect the full set eventually.

  3. That "little tribute" to 1983 Topps is 199 cards and comes in five different color parallels and then double the whole thing with autographs!